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Canadiens vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Playoff-bound

Both the Canadiens and Lightning managed to clinch a berth in the playoffs tonight, in a mostly even game that unraveled in the third period and ended in a 3-1 Lightning win.

Mike Carlson
  • Playoffs: clinched. Achievement unlocked. Or rather, achievement backed into.
  • As you know, what we must all take from this game is that this is exactly how the playoffs are going to go. Everybody freak out.
  • Birthday shoutout to EOTP regular Teenage Almond...
  • ...and big congratulations to EOTP regular JonPublic.
  • This game seemed pretty even, not too exciting, not too compelling, a few officiating disasters, an awful hit by Douglas Murray. So not an exciting playoff matchup, but probably the least lopsided one we'll see, I think. Andrew says he doesn't feel like there will be much of a rivalry but I think that's kind of what the NHL is going for with these new divisions. To "create" rivalries where none exist. So, uh, suck it, Stamkos.
  • Speaking of Steven Stamkos, I am unabashedly obsessed with him. And look at him taking the "C" to heart, and everything.
  • [Story about Rene Bourque being unhappy with his usage/ice time on the Habs.] [Rene Bourque is played the lowest minutes he has ever been played since he game to Montreal.] [I am sure those two things are unrelated.]
  • What the fuck, Michel Therrien? Are you trying to win stupid ego battles or are you trying to win fucking hockey games? God, I hate this coach. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him.
  • Great play by Mike Weaver at the blue line on that Brendan Gallagher goal.
  • Tweeted this but: I have no idea what 95% of the penalties called on Lars Eller are for. "Oh, here's that Eller kid, let's give him an inexplicable penalty."
  • Lucky break on that goaltender interference goal.
  • Friend of the blog DBlye, on Twitter: "could you imagine if Weber, Keith or Doughty had to play major minutes with Bouillon?"
  • Ryan Callahan on the Rangers was dreamy. Ryan Callahan on the Lightning is annoying.
  • Carey Price is the greatest, water is wet, etc.
  • Hopefully Mike Kostka is okay. Pretty much all the Habs fans agreed that was an awful hit by Murray. I wonder if we'd say the same if it were a player that wasn't such a liability. I'd like to think so. But we probably wouldn't.
  • Shorthanded goals on the Habs argh.
  • What cost the Habs: defensive breakdowns, too many penalties, dumb defense management. So, you know, if they somehow miraculously get deployed properly and keep their heads together, they can beat Tampa.
  • Honestly we can't be too bummed about this game because the Habs are going to the playoffs.
  • EOTP three stars: Carey Price, Carey Price, Carey Price. Honourable mentions to JonPublic for a strong showing in the threads, and Lats with a few zingers. Nepotism: Marc Dumont for timely gifs.
  • Michel Therrien is a terrible coach and should be fired. Goodnight.
  • Oh, wait, watch the highlights. Then goodnight.