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The Montreal Canadiens have acquired Devan Dubnyk

The Montreal Canadiens have traded future considerations for Devan Dubnyk.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Montreal Canadiens have announced that they have acquired goalie Devan Dubnyk in exchange for future considerations.

This news comes as Carey Price is still rehabbing his injury, and is likely just an insurance policy. Although it does indicate that Price is still dealing with lingering injury woes.

Dubnyk is currently on an expiring $3.5M contract, which means Montreal has used up the majority of the cap space they accumulated during the year.

It's expected that Dubnyk will play back-up to Peter Budaj until Carey Price is ready to return.

Dubnyk will join his third club this year, as he was previously traded to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Matt Hendricks, while Pekka Rinne rehabbed his extended injury.

After the trade Montreal sits at $3M in deadline cap space, so don't expect anything other than a depth move to finish the day, as Bergevin seems to be happy with his current team.

Update: According to LeBrun the Predators will retain part of Dubnyk's salary, meaning Montreal does still have a decent amount of wiggle room to make another trade in the next two hours.

Edmonton was already retaining 50% of his salary, and the Predators are retaining 25%, meaning Montreal will only pay 25% of his remaining salary.

Enjoy the Hammer, Devan!