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Canadiens vs Kings Top Six Minutes: West Coast Crash

A disappointing result versus a good team, Montreal's luck runs out as the point streak comes to an end.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

  • *more coffee*
  • LA scored within 2 minutes. Great.
  • *more whiskey*
  • How about that Emelin extension? 4 more years! 4 more years!
  • Michel Therrien plays the 3rd pairing with the 4th line to piss me off. I am convinced that's why.
  • If Kyle Clifford's head wasn't filled with wood chips I'm pretty sure the straight right Tinordi landed would have dropped him. Hell, that looked like it could have dropped a decent size moose.
  • Eller needs to start scoring, and soon. If not Bergevin is going to ship him out at his lowest possible trade value, and we'll all be eternally bitter. He was benched in the third because he went to net earlier in the game and tried to create scoring chances. How dare you Lars? You son of a bitch.
  • FUCK YOUR CORSI. PDO forever man!
  • Emelin played 3 minutes more than Subban in the 1st, and that's smrt. S-m-r-t.
  • A very scientific twitter poll gave me the following results to the question "What's worse, glass banging guy, or stand up and wave at the camera guy?": 6 think the glass-banger (that doesn't sound right) is the worst. 6 think the guy who stands up and waves to the camera while on his cell phone is the bigger dirt bag, and 5 correctly answered both. Because it's true, both are the worst.
  • *I promised myself I wouldn't point out how terrible Douglas Murray is more than once....*
  • Oh hey look, Murray now has more ice time than Subban and the second period is almost done. That's not Murray's fault. That's Therrien ensuring I will bald early.
  • Dustin Brown makes bathroom scum feel better about itself.
  • I've had shaves that were rougher than the penalty given to Eller in the second period.
  • The Kings play-by-play crew absolutely loves PK Subban, and compare him to Doughty every single time they're on the ice. I've noticed that most away crews tend to drool over Subban, unlike Canadian broadcasts. It's a weird phenomenon. Phenomenon...phenomenon doo-doo doo doo-doo....phenomenon doo-doo doo doo!
  • *more coffee*
  • Montreal continues to play dump and chase on the power play. I'm too old for this shit.
  • *more whiskey*
  • It's only 2-1, Montreal is still in this (how????). Sacrifice another virgin to the PDO Gods!
  • Peter Budaj is keeping us in games just like Carey Price was doing, so he probably deserves some of Therrien's salary along with steady Carey.
  • Gorges seems to have hurt his hand, that leaves Montreal with 1.5 defencemen by my count.
  • *more whiskey in the coffee*
  • I probably shouldn't drink this much on a weeknight.
  • The Habs had Emelin and Gorges out with the extra attacker, not Markov & Subban.
  • *finish the whiskey bottle....*

Muzzin opens up the scoring:

Subban ties the game:

Carter's game-winner:

Three Stars:

3. Rolomon re: Murray getting more ice time than Subban.


2. Lats for calling out Scott Matla's weird late night fluffer hunger:

Is that something a hooker does? If so, what's a fair price?

1. All of you for staying up late to watch this showcase of hot garbage by the Canadiens.