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Canadiens vs. Panthers: Top six minutes: Habs win five straight

The Habs have won five straight on the backs of Vanek, Desharnais, and Pacioretty.

Joel Auerbach

  • WOOOOOOOOO! Douglas Murray draws back into the lineup!! MUCH EXCITE!!!
  • Who doesn't love sarcasm.
  • Mr. Therrien, what do you expect Douglas Murray to do for this team tonight?
  • Yup this is a thing now. Any top six minutes done by me will get a minimum of one TPB reference.
  • Max Pacioretty will never score on a penalty shot, and apparently breakaways too.
  • Apparently everything is a penalty. Literally everything.
  • Being short handed for the first 5 minutes of the game is fun, eh? Who doesn't love that?
  • It's painfully obvious that the Habs are better. It literally hurts. Even more than being sat on by Douglas Murray. Not as smelly though.
  • Vanek! At the Disco!
  • Where are all those people who were whining about Vanek three games after we got him? Quiet now.
  • Who is this Florida tendy and why is he good? I don't like his face.
  • Sloppy powerplay ends, beauty tic tac toe finished by Max Pacioretty. I was watching the first period at work, so picture a bearded man with a sweet flow walking around a Bell store saying "playoffs baby!" while fist pumping repeatedly. Because I'm a professional and stuff.
  • The second period was blargh. Just blargh.
  • Love how Doug Murray can blow a defensive assignment in every single game he plays. Every time. Leads to a goal this time. Hey Doug:
  • Let's sit on a third period lead eh? good old Therrien hockey
  • It's almost like we're not competing for playoff seeding. It's like, nah eighth is cool we'll take that.
  • Confession time: I would probably make out with Carey Price if he asked me to. I'm not gay or anything but, like... How could I refuse that man? I love him. I also want to marry his sister. Their entire family would probably get a restraining order against me if they saw this.
  • Carey Price may be a demigod.
  • Or, he's Jacques Plante reincarnate. I don't know but he is really, really, really, really good at being a tendy. We should pay him more.
  • All three EOTP stars are CP31. Try and argue that...
  • Habs win on a Saturday night, ain't nothing better