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Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes: Sleeping pill shutout

Max Pacioretty scored his 100th goal and Carey Price shut the Sabres out en route to a 2-0 Canadiens win over Buffalo. Dull game, exciting ending.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

  • This game was always going to be a let-down after last night, and also considering it involves the Sabres, so we're going with an old-school TSM now where I make things up as we go along and you guys pretend you didn't notice, k?
  • Obvious total domination by the Habs of the worst possession team in the league.
  • Matt Hackett's pads are the ones I imagine a serial killer would wear if said serial killer was a hockey goalie.
  • It's so weird to see the Sabres without Ryan Miller. The Habs have played two games against them and it's still weird. I can't figure out what the Sabres are anymore without him. It's like they've lost their whole identity.
  • Has anyone here tried to like the Sabres before? How did it work out?
  • This game was so boring that most of the EOTP crew amused ourselves with the Blues-Leafs boxscore and Extra Skater page. How can these Leafs possibly expect to make the playoffs?
  • I am sad because if the Leafs miss the playoffs, they might get smart and fire the coach and hire a good one and stop making dumb decisions and...
  • Back to tonight. Descriptions from the game from the EOTP guys: Damocles' sword, math class, an imaginary picture of poop Matt wanted to tweet, death, okay I added death myself. Feel free to add yours in the comments.
  • So. Many. Almost. Goals.
  • The Sabres have a dude named Chad Ruhwedel. Did you know that?
  • Yikes, Tyler Myers. Hope he's okay. Although what the hell were the Habs doing allowing that short-handed chance?
  • What an abysmal four-minute power play in the second period. I think my soul died watching it.
  • Douglas Murray in the penalty box is second only to Douglas Murray in the press box.
  • What a hilariously ugly goal by nobody knows Max Pacioretty. Sometimes I find those garbagey ones more satisfying.
  • Pacioretty now has 100 career goals, yo.
  • Cory Conacher is my favourite Ottawa Senators mistake after Daniel Alfredsson.
  • Kinda sold on the Daniel Briere deal now.
  • What the hell was that brawl at the end.
  • Win, good. Price shutout, good. 100th goal for Pacioretty, good. Leafs, very terrible.
  • EOTP Third Star: Shoutout to Ubiquitous, a Sabres fan, who hung out with us here all night. And also has to watch the Sabres.
  • EOTP Second Star: Seriously, look at this Leafs-Blues Fenwick chart.
  • EOTP First Star: All of your Dave Bolland Updates. Nice work, guys.
  • Here is Pacioretty's 100th goal: