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Welcome Mark Black to Eyes on the Prize

With the insane growth on the site we have no choice but to continue to expand our roster.

We're very proud to announce the addition of another fantastic member to our team here at Eyes on the Prize.

Due to the ridiculous growth we've experienced in 2014, we decided to add a permanent game thread writer to the crew. This should allow us to expand our coverage and make sure we're the best Habs blog on the internet.

During the month of February our website managed to out-perform many NHL websites, in fact EOTP received more views than 26 NHL websites during that time frame.

Please join me in giving Mark Black a very warm welcome.  He'll be taking care of all the game threads and period threads, ensuring we continue to grow our fantastic community and keep you up to date with as many in-game events as possible.

We would like to thank everyone that submitted a preview for the open position, as we received numerous top quality applications.

Once again our community shone through, and we're very much grateful for the support.