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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: Bruins' win streak busted

In an insane game full of penalties, injuries, power plays, great saves, overtime, and a shootout, the Canadiens ended the Bruins' 12-game win streak.

  • This is why I hate playing the Bruins. There are always two or three or four casualties.
  • Otherwise, this is why I love playing the Bruins. These two teams either bring out the best in each other or the worst in each other and either way, it's awful and hilarious and ugly and wonderful. Please let these teams meet in the playoffs.
  • The first period was not bad for the first little while, but then there was a breakdown of sorts. I don't know if I was the only one watching the last seven-ish minutes through my fingers, but holy lord, Canadiens, get your defensive game together.
  • I mean I guess it's not their fault, what with their lineup and coaching, but this scrambling has got to go, preferably before the playoffs.
  • During the first intermission, on TSN, Daniel Briere was asked about the Alexei Emelin hit on Milan Lucic and he just lit up like a kid on Christmas. I know how much I rail against narratives involving hits and stuff, but I love how much these teams hate each other. I looooove it. Please let these teams meet in the playoffs.
  • Milan Lucic later retaliated by spearing Emelin in the balls, thereby displaying a level of immaturity previously attributed only to Brad Marchand.
  • Speaking of Marchand, when he isn't the most vile Bruin on the ice, you have a problem.
  • All game long, I kept expecting Andrei Markov and David Krejci to get into a slap fight. Although Markov looked ready to slap fight any and all of the Bruins.
  • Sorry, but the Bruins' jerseys are meh and a half. #TeamPooh.
  • Pierre McGuire apparently said on NBCSN that the Bruins don't dive. Have at 'er, folks.
  • It is alarmingly easy to goad the Bruins into taking penalties, but that Johnny Boychuk response to whatever Subban was doing was ridiculously over-the-top.
  • This game was stupid, and crazy, and frustrating, and insane, and I never wanted it to end. Please let these teams meet in the playoffs.
  • I don't want to complain about officiating but that was an awful call on Brendan Gallagher. The game was mostly full of terrible officiating but that Gallagher call was the worst one I've seen in a long time.
  • The call on Boullion, however, was very much deserved.
  • What a great place the world would be if Patrice Bergeron played for Not The Boston Bruins.
  • I always find it funny when people start dumping on Brian Gionta. No, he's not going to put up 30 or 40 goals, and no, he isn't exactly going to kill in in the assists department yet, but holy crap he and Tomas Plekanec are better defensively than most of this team's actual defensemen.
  • Douglas Murray playing in the final minute when you are trying to get to overtime makes the least sense of anything I can think off.
  • David Krejci with a fantastic dance around all of the Canadiens in the overtime.
  • Peter Budaj was unbelievable tonight. The saves, in particular were just incredible.
  • Alex Galchenyuk, American hero. What an awesome way to end a shootout.
  • Here are your highlights:

The Emelin goal:

Budaj's saves:

Galchenyuk's goal will be added when available.