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Tim Bozon wakes from his induced coma

Good news on the injury front for prospect Tim Bozon.

Jamie Sabau

As per the Star Phoenix, prospect Tim Bozon's recovery took a very positive step today. He woke up from the induced coma doctors had previously placed him in to help combat the meningitis.

Not only did he wake from the coma, but he was removed from the intensive care unit, and his condition is now listed as stable at the Saskatoon Royal University Hospital.

His parents noted that he was awake, moving around, trying to eat and attempting to speak.

The meningitis was first caught on March 1st, and quickly turned Bozon's condition into a very serious situation. He was quickly placed into an artificial coma, as the meningitis continued to threaten his hockey career, and more importantly his health.

We wish nothing but the best for the young man during his recovery, as there is still a long road ahead of him, however his condition being upgraded to stable is great news for everyone in the hockey community.

Get well soon Tim.