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Canadiens vs Avalanche Top Six Minutes: No more panic about Vanek

An exciting game and a hat trick from Thomas Vanek give the Habs two important points in the standings as they defeat the Avalance 6-3. Can every game be like this?

Richard Wolowicz

  • I apologize for the bad title but I have the flu and I am overly excited.
  • Can the Canadiens re-sign Thomas Vanek, yet?
  • Remember when he hadn't scored and people were worried about it while claiming not to be worried about it? Yeah.
  • Awesome Vanek post-game quote, courtesy of Friend of EOTP Chantal on Twitter: "The last few days I've been getting recognized more in the city. Tomorrow I won't go out hahah."
  • Regardless of whether you believe they're the real deal or not ready for prime time (or somewhere in the middle, which is likely the closest to reality) the Colorado Avalanche are one of the most fun teams to watch.
  • The NHL could sell GameCentre Live subscriptions based on clips of Nathan McKinnon alone. Who wouldn't watch roughly a million hours of that?
  • Other than the trip, Gabriel Landeskog seemed pretty quiet. Thoughts?
  • I kind of like when teams like Colorado play the Habs, because even though it tends to lend itself to mistakes, the ice opens up and the run-and-gun style takes over. If you forget about the playoffs being on the line or playoff seeding being on the line, or whatever, it's the most fun.
  • P.K. Subban is made for games like that.
  • It turns out the game was more even that it looked.
  • It's kind of a relief that this didn't turn into a gong show regarding Patrick Roy's first game in Montreal as a coach. At the end of the day, no matter how important he is to this franchise's history and to the history of goaltending as a whole in the NHL, right now, he's an NHL coach trying to get an NHL team into the playoffs and the story should mostly be about how the Habs can beat his team.
  • Um Dale Weise has scored two goals in two games.
  • Travis Moen goal! With a Mike Weaver assist! This is an Everything Was Happening game.
  • Andrei Markov, good game. Brandon Prust, good game, Tomas Plekanec, good game. Basically, Habs, good game.
  • I am very into Jarred Tinordi and Mike Weaver over Douglas Murray, Boullion, broken record, etc.
  • Not a whole lot else you can say about this game. Habs played well, everybody stepped up, Andrew won't let us forget so I may as well mention that Francis Boullion was caught for two goals against, and on the ice for all three, but awesome game, awesome win, I could watch the rest of the season of this.
  • Let's all hope John Mitchell is doing okay.
  • Les Trois Etoiles d'EOTP: Third star: JonPublic with "La Cage Aux Sports is announcing the new Vanek wings. They used to be mild, but now they're HOT HOT HOT." 2nd star: whoever started calling him EDELWEISE, I'll give credit to joedigiacomo because it was the first one I saw. First star: Tomas Vanek, yo.
  • And on to the red-hot or something Columbus Blue Jackets.

Here's Travis Moen's goal: Here's Tomas Vanek's PPG: