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Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes: Buffagoaway

The Montreal Canadiens dominated the Buffalo Sabres for a 2-0 win, putting them back into second place in the Atlantic Division.

Jen Fuller

  • Comment about that P.K. Subban knee from our friend Brian Wilde: "What the hell was Subban thinking there? Just skate with him and get the puck. You're PK Subban."
  • So, yeah, P.K. Subban, be P.K. Subban. Don't be Dustin Brown.
  • On Andrew's new show, Ice Level, which debuted today (you can listen to it if you to to Montreal Hockey Talk) we were talking about WOWY stats and he pointed out how Brendan Gallagher is effective no matter who you put him with. Doesn't matter, had Gallagher.
  • From what I gather from the two Habs goals, in order to score against the Buffalo Sabres, all you need to do is get your foot in the crease.
  • That will never get old.
  • If you include tonight's game, Nathan Lieuwen and Dustin Tokarski have apparently played a combined 11 games in the NHL.
  • Do you ever wonder if P.K. apologizes after embarrassing people like he did with Tyler Ennis tonight? Holy moves. If only he had scored there.
  • Was it just me or was this game lots of fun, despite, you know, it being against the Sabres? And despite the high of last night's game?
  • Daniel Briere has been quietly playing some really great games, lately. Playoff mode, engaged.
  • There isn't a whole lot to say about this game other than the Habs were very dominant, and that Douglas Murray being scratched was good times.
  • I know, I know it's the Buffalo Sabres. But at this point in the year, the Habs need all the points they can get. But they also need Michel Therrien to see the effectiveness and results of managing his players properly. For example, Andrew pointed out that Mike Weaver and Jarred Tinordi were playing a far better transition game than Therrien's usual favourites would.
  • Dustin Tokarski Appreciation Bullet Point.
  • Les Trois Etoiles d'EOTP: Third Star: JonPublic on Brendan Gallagher: "He's a puck-stealing, troll-grinning spark plug." Second Star: fnusername with "No, he’s never been in a shoot out. And keep an eye on your spelling." when Sapperz asked if Tokarski had ever had an NHL shutout. First star: masmullin with "Subban has moves like Jagr."
  • Finally, thanks to the commenters who had nice things to say about me being back last week. I really appreciate the love. There's a lot of me from here on out, I hope you're cool with that.
  • On to the Avalanche. Are you ready for the Patrick Roy Shit Show in the media and possibly the game? It is time to mentally prepare yourself.
  • Your highlights: