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24CH Flash: An in depth look at Lars Eller's childhood

The 24CH crew went to Denmark to speak with Eller's family about his youth hockey experience and childhood.

To be perfectly frank, 24CH is usually pablum. It's a show designed by the Montreal Canadiens to give you an "inside look" at the Canadiens that mostly tells you nothing, and edits out all the parts you actually want to see.

Sometimes though, sometimes they actually get something right. The 24CH Flash above tells the story of a young Lars Eller, who originally wanted to be a goalie, who idolized Patrick Roy and Saku Koivu, and who wanted to play in Montreal.

At one point Eller was playing on three different teams, and won championships all at the same time for the 14, 16, and 20 year old leagues.

Eller credits fellow Dane Mikkel Boedker with providing the necessary competition to better himself and continue to strive for the professional leagues, as according to their youth coach they had an internal competition on the teams they played for over who could put up the most goals and points, and had to be on separate lines because they wouldn't pass to each other. Boedker agreed with Eller, saying that without his help he likely would never have made the NHL.

Oh and if you're a sucker for cuteness, there's a bunch of baby and kid pictures of Lars.