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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: What...was that?

What the hell just happened?

Richard Wolowicz

  • Fuck yeah, Daniel Briere now has 3x more goals than David Clarkson.
  • Dashing through the snow, on a one horse giggle sleigh! #Spezza
  • I can't believe Crhis Phillips got extended. He's exactly like Shea Weber, minus the defensive prowess, shot, skating, talent and hockey IQ.
  • PK Subban makes my dingle tingle. Long live Pernell Karl.
  • Suck it Hemsky
  • "A giveaway by Karlsson" count  #1.
  • Marc Methot looks like he would burn cereal. The kind of guy that can't find the any key on his keyboard. Dion Phaneuf looks like a genius compared to Methot, and that's about as bad as it gets.
  • "A giveaway by Karlsson" count #2.
  • Thomas Vanek may not have a goal yet, but he's playing really good hockey. Take it for what it's worth (which is nothing, I suppose)
  • "A giveaway by Karlsson" count #3.
  • Bobby Ryan's spin-o-rama was in-tents.
  • It's about time we open up the Top Six Minutes to the fans, so the rest of these reactionary comments will come directly from the EOTP community:
  • Jason Spezza used to smoke weed. He stills does, but he used to, also.
  • Montreal’s offence is like driving a mustang as a construction vehicle. It looks great, but it’s useless.
  • Well at least Prust’s beard is getting quite impressive.
  • Therrien is so dumb, he pokes holes in his condoms to let his penis get some air.
  • Trying to figure out which is more painful? Watching the Habs play like crap for 60 minutes and have no chances, or watching them have more chances than you can count…….and missing all of them.
  • Maybe montreal can beat the sabres……ummm, no
  • I’d really like to know what MT is thinking on the bench seeing his system and mismanagement of players fail game in and game out.
But hey, Montreal won! So let's forget about the terrible coach and party on!

Go Habs Go. Suck it Karlsson. Suck it MacLean. Thanks refs!

Apologies for the rough TSM, but I am busy trolling Sens fans in real life, thus I am fighting the good fight.