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Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Dump and Chase-a-thon

A sloppy game turned into an entertaining affair, as Montreal and Toronto grinned their way to overtime.

You can slow him down, but you can't stop him.
You can slow him down, but you can't stop him.
Richard Wolowicz

  • Let us never say that Max Pacioretty is a 'perimeter player' ever again. Agreed? It's silly, it's not true, and it's about as lazy as a hockey narrative can get. Let us talk about his constant goal scoring and how his IntangiClutch score is through the rough, as evidenced by his GWG that won the game 4-3 for Montreal.
  • We have to keep in mind that all Therrien had to do is out-coach Randy Carlyle, which is about as tough as finding a cheese shop in downtown Paris. After outshooting Toronto by a count of 9-0 to start the game, Toronto ended up holding a 22-12 advantage mid-way through the third. Maybe he should have assigned someone to cover JvR, because, you know, he ALWAYS torches the Habs. However we have Pacioretty, and he's a Leafs-killer by his own right. It has to be said that Montreal has taken 5 out of the last 6 possible points since the Olympic break. As ugly as it's been, Montreal is winning.
  • P.K. Subban had a fantastic game. At one point he used some nifty stick work to deny Phil Kessel a breakaway in the second period, and I am SURE the main stream media will talk about that great play for days.
  • If Douglas Murray had scored instead of hitting the post I would have shut down this website for an entire week, and replaced it with a picture of a smiling Murray.
  • Daniel Briere is currently leading the Habs in 5 vs 5 points. Maybe it's time to stop playing him on the fourth line, but then again where does he fit in the top 9? I'm no NHL coach, but I have a sneaking suspicion he's doing quite well considering his linemates usually involve Parros or Moen. To be fair, as pointed out by Arpon Basu, Briere did receive some ice time on Eller's line however the majority of his TOI came in the form of 4th line assignments.
  • Peter Budaj is an enigma wrapped in a mystery coated by a conundrum. He'll let in some softies but he also makes ridiculous saves (like the one he made against Kessel in the third). He's a back-up, but he's a hell of a back-up, and Montreal is lucky to have him. Two breakaway goals against due to sloppy defensive coverage doesn't change the fact that he made several great saves.
  • Phil Kessel is a hell of a hockey player, and only an idiot would place Douglas Murray + Alexei Emelin on the ice with him. On a completely unrelated note Phil Kessel scored the go-ahead goal while on the ice with Emelin and Murray.
  • I know, this is an 8th comment which makes this a Top Eight Minutes, but I just wanted to point out that Dale Weise's face looked like a plate of reheated lasagna after he took a Kadri skate to the kisser. In case you didn't already know, hockey players are tough. Also, I'd like to add that the game actually opened up in the third, and got away from the dump-and-chase horror show we were watching earlier in the game, but I am waaaay too lazy to change the title of this TSM.


Galchenyuk opens the scoring:

Pacioretty makes it 2-0:

JvR cuts the lead to 1:

JvR ties the game:

Kessel gives Toronto the lead:

Subban fires a rocket passed Bernier:

The Pacioretty game winner:

EOTP three stars:

1. Punkster summed up the instance Montreal gave up the lead with one concise comment: Dump and chase, sit on a one goal lead, what do you expect?

2. Roloman for posting this amazing gif


3. Scott Matla came in with this gem:


(Both of those fantastic gifs were made by Moen In Glory)

Don't forget to tune into Montreal Hockey Talk, where our very own Andrew Berkshire will be joining the panel after the game.