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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: a snoozefest in a hurricane

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1 in a boring game. Max Pacioretty was injured but might still be good to go for Sochi.

Grant Halverson

  • THIS GAME WAS SO BORING. Here are things I did during this game: watched a video of Canadian Press reporters' accommodation problems in Sochi, tested an online survey for a friend, shopped for dresses for a friend's wedding, some power yoga, made dinner, tried to do a handstand. I had one eye on the game the whole time. I missed no action, and also I cannot do a handstand.
  • The best news: we don't have to watch this crap again until February 26th.
  • [Updated] Glad Max Pacioretty is still able to go to Sochi. It would really have sucked if he had to miss one of the greatest things that will happen to him in his career because of the stupid Carolina Hurricanes. Let's face it. The Canadiens are wasting his prime and Team USA was smart enough to actually make use of his prime and life is sometimes so unfair.
  • Don't bring up his millions and his wife and kid. I'm talking relatively. If I can't feel bad for Max Pacioretty because other people have less than he does, you can't complain about the STM breaking down on your way to work, because other people have no jobs. Everything is relative.
  • Anyway, Bobby Mac tweeted that even though it's not official, he's told that Patch should be good to go for Sochi.
  • Mike Komisarek is a terrible hockey player and a big douchebag. I think it's the Carolina sweater that's causing the latter.
  • I have never watched a single Habs-Canes game during which the officiating made any sense.
  • Ryan White: BAMF
  • Brendan Gallagher is better than you at life.
  • P.K. Subban is better than you at life.
  • Carey Price is better than you at life.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night, for JD__: apparently an adequate replacement for Max Pacioretty.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes played better than the Habs, even before the score effects kicked in. Broken record, etc.
  • EOTP three stars: The following tweets from friend of EOTP Ashley:
  • We'll continue to have a lot extensive Olympics coverage right here on EOTP, so you know where to go when you want to talk Sochi anything.