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Canadiens vs Canucks Top Six Minutes: Live and Let Diaz Edition

Facing whatever the Zombie apocalypse left of the Canucks, the Habs made it look harder than it had to be, but hung on to scrape a win. Bobby Lu and his rotting mates managed to make an excellent case for Price as Canada's number one man in Sotchi.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Price vs Luongo !  Weise vs Diaz !  Murray vs hockey ! So. Much. Drama.

  • Seriously, what the heck is a Czarny?
  • Nothing to do with this game, but Martin St-Louis is going to Sotchi. All is right with the world. (Claude Giroux is left praying for another casualty. Kunitz would be my choice...)
  • Alright, enough Olympics. Back to the old grind...
  • Not quite. Salute to Olympians at the Bell. Raphael Diaz is introduced first. Awkward "To boo or not to boo?" confusion ensues.
  • Grinding on.
  • Icings. D zone confusion. Very-odd-man rushes. Yep, it's a Habs game.
  • Schroeder is no Henrik Sedin.
  • Weise shoots. Much emotion.
  • The smouldering corpse of the Canucks is thwarting us. Pelletier, Stanton, Sestito, Dalpé... who ARE these people?
  • "Giant sentient Lego blocks". Got it, Dave. Just in time for the movie. Must have paid for product placement.
  • Subban getting ready for Sotchi is good. Pacioretty needs to get it all out of his system now, though.
  • White scores! Weise gets a point! Raphael who?
  • So many botched 2-on-1, by the Habs as well as the Cannots. "Execution? We doan need no steeenkin' execution..."
  • Off course, Chris Higgins scored. Unfortunately for Laura, he chose not to rip his shirt off, soccer-striker style. Maybe next time?
  • And Murray gets hurt (again). Diaz looks on, but from the other bench. It's just sad.
  • Diaz hooking Max. Thank God he's not ours anymore, amirite?
  • Penalty shot !
  • Never mind. Patches thought he was shooting at a soccer net.
  • Penalty shot, part deuce !
  • Never mind. Max fell asleep on his way to the goal. Third time's the charm?
  • Finally, Max prefers his shots without penalty !
  • Roberto had no business touching the puck there. LOLongo, indeed.
  • Hansen hurt. Torts will have to suit up soon.
  • Alex Edler (a.k.a. "Last defenseman standing") is peeved he was not the one traded to Montreal, apparently.
  • Isn't Murray supposed to clear Burrows from the crease, instead of standing ineffectually around and blocking Price's view?
  • What's that you say? Diaz got a point? But he's minus 2 ! Phew, phew, phew, dodged a bullet there !
  • The putrid remnants of the Canucks are staging a 3rd period sort-of comeback, just to remind us that Michel Therrien's system sucks, and that Price rules.
  • Carey just won't let this team tank where it belongs, will he?
  • Patches also like his shots without goalies.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night, for JD__: well, he didn't miss two penalty shots, did he?
All in all, poor process, but a satisfying result. It's the Habs way!
Oh and Max? Enough of that stuff after Saturday, OK?

EOTP three stars:

  • rsty with "Beaulieu wanted to fight. But he is most comfortable In the father-son tag-team format."
  • Dave Murray describing his namesake's injury as "Hull breach"
  • RudeFrenchCanadian with his "It's okay, I suck too" Patch-DD moment.