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Canadiens vs Flames Top Six Minutes: What's the opposite of red hot?

A hockey game was played between the Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames. The Habs won 2-0. Fun was had by all. All who were out doing things instead of watching this game, that is.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

  • Lord, this game was dumb. The most interesting thing that happened during it is I almost dislocated my shoulder making a salad.
  • Steve Begin shoulda been cast as Lex Luthor instead of Jesse Eisenberg.
  • Are you guys still mad about that Game 82 penalty in 2007, too?
  • The Habs were kicking Calgary's ass an alarming amount during the first period in the fancy numbers area.
  • Dale Weise looks like if you deflated Alex Kovalev's face a bit.
  • Do you think Therrien will ruin Lars Eller and then he'll get traded for some dumb character dude, too, like Diaz?
  • Don't answer that.
  • Rene Bourque compliment of the night, for JD__: I mean he scored...
  • That Calgary no-goal was, like, three fifths of the way in, you guys.
  • Andrew complimented Douglas Murray on Twitter and a bunch of people told him to stop hating. Hahahaha.
  • Someone in the game threads asked why people hate Brendan Gallagher. Because, as our good friend FearTheFin put it, Brendan Gallagher is Brad Marchand without the Brad Marchand baggage. Basically, he's all the good parts of Brad Marchand, without being literally the worst human being on earth.
  • Ryan White, amirite?
  • Our fourth line was better than Calgary's fourth line. So basically our fourth line was better than all of Calgary's lines.
  • That Sean Monahan kid is awesome, in that very green way. Also, I very much love the Boring Monahan Twitter account.
  • If you, like me, are depressed that the Habs traded Raphael Diaz, think on the Dennis Wideman contract for a bit. All better?
  • Please go over and say hi to our friends at Matchsticks and Gasoline. They cheer for the Calgary Flames, so they need a lot of love and hugs.
  • Shutout for Pricey!
  • Les trois etoiles d'EOTP: 3rd star: Bork with "Can't tell if Murray is hurt or just skating." 2nd star: Our own Marc with this picture. 1st star is clearly this poem by punkster "There once was a player named Weise/From the/Canucks who MB did fleece./He traded a defender/From MT’s line blender/Now we hope Weise can go to the crease."
  • (I was making the salad and I keep my oil and vinegar in a lower cupboard and I was reaching down to get them and I lost my balance and held out my arm to break my fall and landed very awkwardly is how I did it. I'm okay, though.)