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Douglas Murray dangles gif

For a moment in tonight's Red Wings vs Canadiens game Douglas Murray forgot he was Douglas Murray.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

With about four minutes remaining in the first period against the Red Wings, handless, statuesque Montreal Canadiens defenseman Douglas Murray forgot who he was, and pulled some sweet dangles after a great feed from David Desharnais.


Of course Murray followed up his great scoring chance by passing to absolutely no one at the blueline, because he's Douglas Murray, but hey he got a scoring chance!

Murray played 5:47 at even strength in the first period, more than P.K. Subban, as Therrien seems to simply be rolling his defense pairing so far instead of, you know, coaching. This has led to the expected result of Detroit carrying a 64.7% Fenwick at even strength, which is basically what you'd expect from a dominant team facing the worst team in the league, not two teams in the middle  of the standings.

After 20 minutes, the Red Wings lead the Canadiens 1-0 after a powerplay goal by Todd Bertuzzi, who is somehow still in the NHL.