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Canadiens vs Canucks Top Six Minutes: In Honour of Jean Beliveau

The Habs played their best game of the season with Jean Beliveau's family in the stands, and Alex Galchenyuk at centre.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


  • A potential full game of Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Gallagher?
  • only thing I ever wanted

  • Ditto for Beauflow in the lineup, about time the team corrected for a demotion that never ought to have happened. A pity Weaver had to suffer a brain injury for it to happen though. You can want a guy in the lineup but shouldn't wish ill will on anyone to be injured.
  • No Eller gave me a sinking feeling about the game, you're facing a team that's 2nd overall in the Western Conference and your only other tough-minutes Centre is on the shelf? Eesh.
  • Mr. Beliveau's No. 4 will be behind the nets all season at the Bell Centre and the patch on the team jerseys will be there as well. As it should be.
  • Yeah someone must have burst into my place and cut 50 onions up or something. Bravo Canadiens.

First Period:

  • Price isn't human sometimes.
  • Why did you even need a review on that?
  • We need a Sven Andrighetto slapshot goal just so we can use #GhettoBlaster on twitter.
  • Markov with the first cringe-inducing giveaway of the game!
  • Power play! Good thing there wasn't any real damage to Prust, high sticks when the player isn't wearing a visor always make me nervous.
  • Why rotate the PP forwards that much? Stick to two sets of forwards, too disruptive to have that many changes.
  • The Sportsnet stats guy and I must be distantly related, he decides to note that No. 51 hasn't an even-strength goal in 51 games. That's my kind of weird stat.
  • I thought only the Habs players embellished.
  • Radim Vrbata sounds like a Star War Bounty Hunter name.
  • Gonchar with the 2nd  giveaway to give me grey hair tonight.
  • Beaulieu back in the lineup leads to good things, two consecutive shifts of offensive zone control and quality chances due to mobile defencemen contributing to he play.
  • This team has missed Bournival's forechecking
  • Whoa, Whoa, WHOA, they call penalties when Gallagher is taken down?
  • 5-on-3 for Montreal? Slap on the extra padding Vancouver, Subban slappers are coming.

Second Period:

  • Sportsnet trying to gin up controversy about no Captain on the Habs this season, because Sportsnet.
  • We return with a 5-on-3 for 1:03 to start the 2nd.
  • As always, takes way too long for Subban to get into a shooting position when they have a 5-on-3 and all the flexibility in the world to make sure he's set up there early.
  • No dice on 5-on-3 or 5-on-4, but they're generating chances at least.
  • You can tell Desharnais gets it a little bit about what he needs to improve, he's shooting the puck tonight.
  • Why haven't we already designated Bournival-Desharnais-Parenteau the Q Line? Ah I know why, as recommended by Rob Elbaz on the Twitterverse, let them be known as "Les Boys"
  • Galchenyuk passes better on his belly than most of the team standing up.
  • BRENDAN GALLAGHER!  He opens a sneaky snap shot from traffic! 1-0 Habs as the camera focuses on a very proud Elise Beliveau!
  • If we can find a way to draw energy from Gallagher's smile we will have the means to travel to other planets.
  • Vancouver on pace to block 40 shots halfway through the game, that's a lot of ice packs.
  • Gallagher referred to as "streaky", like every other scorer in the NHL that isn't an Art Ross contender.
  • Power play!
  • Puke, Markov is really having an Old Man Game. Vancouver ties it 1-1 on a tip-in from Dorsett.
  • Galchenyuk could charge me to watch him stickhandle.
  • Damn good stuff
  • Bieksa is an ass.
  • The goal posts are a cruel mistress, another sexy PK from Plekanec and Pacioretty.
  • Always nice to know other teams make silly icings.
  • So close for Andrighetto, the Habs puck luck is not in the building tonight.

Third Period:

  • Sportsnet does their contractually obligated questioning of Subban's commitment to playing and his D.
  • Beaulieu hasn't even played 8 minutes tonight?
  • WHY
  • There is a Berlin Wall between the save percentages of Miller(.904) and Price(.919) on the season, but they are apparently close to equal according to Sportsnet because of wins. Yeesh.
  • And as i say this, Miller makes more saves. Dammit.
  • To the surprise of no one who watches him play, Galchenyuk is looking very good at the middle of the ice.
  • Always been a Markov fan but he's not having a good time reining in the puck tonight.
  • Power play! Let's see if they can get one in Vancouver's net now.
  • "Almost" is your Word of the Day.
  • Tomas Plekanec! on a slick feed from Andrighetto, who now has 2 points in 2 games! 2-1 Canadiens!
  • Doesn't Matter
  • Habs forcing the Canucks into their own end for a minute and a half to prevent them from pulling Miller is something we haven't seen at all this season. It would be nice to see more of it as well.
  • With one second left on the clock, Max Pacioretty into the empty net for number 13 on the season.
  • It seems the new lines were just what the Habs needed, let's hope we see them stick together if they get into trouble later.
  • Beaulieu should probably play more than 11 minutes in the next game though.

The Three Stars:


Gallagher's snipe:

Andrighetto sets up Pleky: