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Sunday Habs Links: Moen knew he didn't fit on the Habs

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Here are are your daily links, including Sven Andrighetto's call up, Travis Moen not meeting the Habs' standards, and three positives from the Chicago loss.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens Links

  • Sven Andrighetto was called up for yesterday's game versus the Dallas Stars and proceeded to score his first NHL goal. [EOTP]
  • (French) Travis Moen knew by October that the Habs organization had no place for him, and he had asked for a meeting with the management before being traded to Dallas. Moen explains "they told me I wasn't one of the best 12 forwards on the team." [La Presse]
  • Three positives from Friday's loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. For example, check out our Fenwick chart against one of the best teams in the league. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Bob Cole and Dick Irvin got together with Strombo to relive some Jean Beliveau stories. [Sportsnet]
  • Watch Sergei Gonchar's first goal with the Canadiens. At age 40, Gonchar is also the oldest player in team history to score a goal. [The Score]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • (French) Using only picks from each particular draft year, Journal de Montreal creates the 15 best teams from 1995-2010. [Journal de Montreal]
  • Martin Brodeur wins a game with the St.Louis Blues. He gets $20K as a pay bonus every time the Blues win, which is a pay scheme I genuinely didn't know existed. [Puck Daddy]
  • Book review of Gordie Howe's autobiography Mr.Hockey: My Story. Christmas gift idea, anyone? [New York Times]
  • Adrian Dater used to write for the Denver Post, until he was fired for, well, being a creep on social media. Maria Camacho speaks out about her experience. [Winging it in Motown]

I’m writing this because I’m still scared. Because I don’t know why I’ve been blamed for the repercussions he’s faced. I didn’t ask him to say those things. I never asked for any of this. I just want to have the right to love hockey like every man does. I want to be able to wear red lipstick without people thinking it’s an invitation to hit on me. I want to wear the hockey jersey of my favorite player without being called a puckslut. I want to be confident and comfortable in my body without it being an invitation to be sexually harassed.