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Mike Weaver Injury: Canadiens defenseman leaves game against Stars

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Mike Weaver was shaken up early in the game against Dallas, and hasn't returned.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Veteran defensive defenseman Mike Weaver has dealt with a couple of minor injuries already this season, and seems to have tweaking something once again against the Dallas Stars.

The shot blocking specialist played just 1:33 in the opening frame, and hasn't returned to the bench for the start of the second period, leaving the Canadiens with just five defensemen going forward, while trailing 1-0.

Weaver is 36, and playing the physical style he does, is likely to deal with more minor injuries that wear him down throughout the season than the average player. It's yet another problem with the Habs' strategy of such an old blueline, aside from the general lack of mobility present.

Weaver plays the right side, but so do Tom Gilbert, Sergei Gonchar, and P.K. Subban, so if he's out long term, expect either Bryan Allen to draw in, or one of Nathan Beaulieu or Jarred Tinordi to be recalled from Hamilton, if the Habs realize that Allen isn't very good.

Update: Here's the hit that hurt Weaver.