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Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Late goal sinks Habs

There was less than thirty seconds left... LESS THAN THIRTY SECONDS.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
  • Well, the Hawks are a good team, and the Habs have not been playing their best hockey of late. Got a bad feeling about this one folks.
  • Bryan Allen being scratched is something I can agree with.
  • Moment of silence for Jean Beliveau? You rock for that, Chicago.
  • Except for the guy who yelled go Hawks, you don't rock and I don't think I like you very much. I think it was just one guy anyways. I'd like a minute or two in a room alone with that guy.

1st Period

  • P.A. Parenteau beat out an icing with some nice speed early on. If he and at least one person on every other line did that, all the time and without fail, I would understand the Habs breakout strategy.
  • Well that didn't take long. Bad feelings confirmed.
  • There is no NHL goal song that annoys me more than Chicago's, and I'm feeling like I might have to hear it enough to make my ears bleed tonight.
  • Duh duuuh duh duh, duuuh duh duh. duh duh duh duh duh duh. What is that even?
  • Brandon Prust on a breakaway, and you thought he was going to score? HAHAHAHAHA. Silly Matt, Only Dutch Gretzky does that. That is why he's on the top line, right?
  • Raanta is probably going to get a shutout, because shutouts are when the other team doesn't score on you and then you get a shutout.
  • If Jonathan Toews wanted to play for Montreal I would be alright with that. Just alright.
  • The CSN guys just became the 14789 and 14790th people to mention on air that Sergei Gonchar is 40. I had no idea until they did it though, thanks guys.
  • Price's posts are putting in work tonight. I didn't even finish typing that before Chicago scored again. Duh duuuh duh duh duuuuh duh duh duh duh... Someone give me some alcohol. Lots of it.
  • Honey Badger don't give a damn, generally speaking. Honey Badger certainly don't give the slightest of damns about your shutout, Raanta. Gallagher. 2-1. There is hope.

2nd Period

  • Hey I looked at the Fenwick and Corsi charts before the period started, and you know what? Not too shabby. Quickly had to yell at my nerd self to shut up and watch the game.
  • They also reached double digit shots without taking 40 minutes of hockey to do so. Progress!
  • Subban gets his stick up on Kane, now a five on three aaand they're shorthanded forever. Where's that alcohol I asked for?
  • Four on four is my absolute favourite thing in hockey. Hold the alcohol I want to watch this with full cognitive function. Keep it close though.
  • Carey Price just did things with his legs that nine out of ten gymnasts are jealous of.
  • Carey Price just did a thing with his glove that ten out of ten baseball players are jealous of.
  • THE GONCH! From Gallagher. Some-friggin-how this game is tied. Might have a little something to do with the aforementioned guy doing things with his legs and glove.
  • Gymnasts and Baseball players alike may be jealous of Price, but I'm jealous of Chicago and their controlled zone entries. Those are cool, can the Habs do that?
  • Powerplays usually work better when you... You know, shoot the puck. All those passes are pretty and stuff but try passing it into the other team's net, or at least in that general direction, maybe.
  • The ref mistook Prust tripping over his own feet as Pat Kane tripping him, so now we get to watch the Habs pass the puck a whole bunch of....
  • The stats actually dictate that this score isn't all that far-fetched, but I still don't believe it.
  • Heading into the third with a lead, but shorthanded for two because Alexei Emelin is slow. That's the short answer, anyways. Hopefully Hossa's bum is okay from smoking that post.

3rd Period

  • Lars Eller is not returning, upper body injury. That alcohol I put on hold? I'll take some now.
  • Kane missed the net because he respects Carey Price so much he felt that he had to shoot it really high to beat him. I'm sure of it.
  • Of course the Hawks tie the game on the powerplay. That's kinda what happens when you spend the first five minutes of the third shorthanded against a good team.
  • Max Pacioretty two on one with Dale Weise. Every Habs fan on the planet is hoping he shoots. He passes... Shoot it Max, that will pretty much always be better.
  • Pretty much? How about definitely, always better.
  • They're hanging in there in the third, tied, with one of the best teams in the show. I should be happy but I bet you I can still find things to complain about.
  • For instance, why is it not a penalty for Kruger to slash Subban's stick out of his hand? Trick question, because it is except for when it's not because refs make decisions.
  • "Dale Weise is one of those honest players, who accepts his role."- CSN guy. If only Michel Therrien would accept it.
  • Anyone else starting to get super twitchy and nervous when they see Emelin on the ice? The effort level it takes to beat him wide is akin to that taken to "finger cook" on Boston Pizza's website.
  • You have got to be kidding me...

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

There weren't a lot of comments tonight, and even fewer recs. It was pointed out to me that this may have been due to general nerves and worrying about Lars Eller. All three stars are therefore awarded to Carey Price, because he's really good and the game would likely not have been this close without him.