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Wednesday Habs Links: Galchenyuk is growing into his role

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Here are your daily links covering the Canadiens, including Galchenyuk's success at centre, Reway's hat trick and controversial Canadian head coaches.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens links

  • Alex Galchenyuk's move to centre and David Desharnais's move to the wing have benefitted the Habs in a big way. The Habs lost 6-of-7 before the change and have won 7-of-8 since. [Sportsnet]
  • Tomas Plekanec also had a few interesting things to say about Montreal's play and Galchenyuk's progress. [Sportsnet]
  • To say that Don Cherry doesn't like the Habs, would be the understatement of the year. But that hasn't stopped him from criticizing (and occasionally praising) P.K. Subban. [National Post]
  • Watch this heartwarming video between Max Pacioretty and a young Habs fan, as they go head to head in a hockey trivia duel. [Canadiens]
  • Canadiens prospect and Team Slovakia's captain Martin Reway scored a hat trick against Team Germany, as his team went on to win the match 5-2. [EOTP]
  • Martin Reway also had this to say after his 3-goal performance. [Twitter]

Around The League And Elsewhere

  • Team Denmark made history at the World Junior Championships, as they won their first ever match at the tournament. Watch as they celebrate their well earned victory over Team Switzerland. [TSN]
  • Controversy arose at the World Junior Championships, as Team Finland's coach Hannu Jortikka voiced displeasure over Team Canada's coach Benoit Groulx's choice to make his opening remarks in French. [Yahoo]
  • Another Team Canada coach made the headlines as well, as Guy Boucher got into a yelling match with referees. A too many men on the ice penalty called before play started, triggered his meltdown. [CBS Sports]
  • Alexander Ovechkin has been a boon to minor hockey leagues in the DC area. "It used to be that we would be able to fill our program, but after Alex's first or second year we were using waiting lists a day or two into the registration process". [NHL]
  • Is it time for the Devils to part with Lou Lamoriello - the man who took over a ridiculed franchise and turned them into champions? [Grantland]