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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: Why is it always the Goaltending

Montreal wins again, this time it was Tokarski's turn to steal the show.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports


  • I massaged the speed limit to get home in time to watch this game from the start on Gamecenter Live, I used descriptives in both official languages on the quality of Ontario drivers along the way.
  • Glad Tokarski got the start, the idea Therrien is so insecure about winning games that he thinks he needs Price for every was giving me trouble today, well more trouble than MT gives me on a regular basis that is.
  • Your Key Stat: Lars Eller is the clutchiest goal scorer in the NHL this season by the percentages, he has only 8 goals this season but 5 of them are game-winners. He knows only selfish players score more goals to pad their stats, he's all about the team.
  • I feel I should say something about the Florida Panthers having a good season, but I will just lament that Gerard Gallant is on the opposing bench.

First Period:

  • Nick Bjugstad strikes you as a guy who's spent most of his life telling teachers and coaches that isn't how you pronounce his name, growing more exasperated as it goes on and on.
  • I think Galchenyuk makes at least one move with the puck each shift that has someone on the ice going "how does he do that?"
  • Bournival-Andrighetto is a nice speed, skill combo to give an opposing team a hard time with all 4 lines when defending.
  • Florida remains a weird combo of misfit toys and top prospects.
  • Brian Campbell with a spinorama, your move PK.
  • Bealieu-Gonchar is a good pairing just because Gonchar is a great model for Beaulieu to draw on.
  • Dylan Olsen with the traditional "Who, ME?" look on the penalty, Habs have a road PP, so basically root for no shorthanded chances against.
  • Sekac should be getting PP time, he's arguably the best zone entry winger after Pacioretty and he is a better shooting option than DD or Parenteau.
  • Habs playing against a coach who knows their ultra-predictable zone exit setup is probably not the best thing for them to get offence going, and it shows.
  • Subban KICKED the puck off Bjugstad's stick? What can't he do?
  • Habs finish the period tied 0-0, also known as a 'win' for them in this frame.

2nd Period:

  • Sportsnet calls Florida a good harkworking team, someone one time should say a team is a bunch of untalented layabouts.
  • Nice breakaway for Sekac, but Luongo denies him. Sekac's ELC deal is becoming one of the top bargains in the NHL this season.
  • Nice try Barkov but you can't push a goalie into the net to score. Not that the refs don't forget that sometimes...
  • Emelin takes a penalty, but on the other hand it does guarantee he won't play for 2 minutes. or less...
  • Pacioretty-Plekanec shorthanded break, must be a day ending in Y.
  • Oh my... good thing Jokinen whiffed.
  • AH!!!! MARKOV!!!! Please be OK.
  • It's strange how the storied young gun forward for the Panthers is Bjugstad when you have a 2nd and 3rd overall pick on the team.
  • ARGH!!! One fewer pass there guys, just shoot fellas.
  • Gotta love the Habs fans giving the boos for a Gally penalty.
  • Habs PP on an interference call. I didn't know they still called that in the NHL.
  • So close for Galchenyuk there...
  • Markov back! Exhale!
  • Okay getting a wee bit nervous about some of these Florida chances.
  • You can see how much Therrien likes Malhotra, this Malhotra-less 4th line is surprising you when they get a shift.
  • Luongo he denied us a chance to use #GhettoBlaster
  • Argh, late-period ice likely the culprit on Pacioretty not quite creating a chance there.
  • Panthers time out, Gallant likely crowdsourcing on the theme for his New Year's Eve party.
  • BRENDAN GALLAGHER!!!!!! 1-0 Montreal And Luongo falls over backwards in the classic goalie "AH SHIT" post-goal stance.

3rd Period:

  • Caught up to live action , I can actually look at Twitter now.
  • Emelin to Hamilton, or Wheeling, or Vladivostock.
  • Decent chance for Parenteau but that puck never settled on his stick.
  • It's ridiculous we've had to wait this long for Beaulieu to get some decent ice time, you can make the case he's the 3rd-best D on the team already.
  • Sportsnet has nearly gone Full McGuire on describing Florida's young skaters. You NEVER go Full McGuire.
  • That's a nice flash of the leather by Tokarski
  • I could open a bakery just working off of the turnovers from Montreal's last shift in the D zone.
  • I'd like to tell the person who wrote that ad where they can stick it.
  • Sitting on a 1-goal lead for a whole period isn't advisable. Just saying.
  • Can't be the only person having Barkov/Markov confusion with the PBP call tonight.
  • PP for Florida, PA Parenteau is Therrien's favourite person in the whole wide world right now.
  • Tokarski is sharp while the World Juniors are going on, coincidence? I think not.
  • Subban's coverage wasn't great but what was Desharnais doing, why chase the puck carrier when he's heading right towards Markov? Chase the open man. And where were the rest of the forwards?
  • And we have overtime... Amazing how a 3rd period shell on a 1-goal lead failed. That just never happens...


  • Therrien resorts to his security blanket in a Desharnais-Pacioretty pairing in OT.
  • For the love of Odin no more OT for Desharnais.
  • Sportsnet just called a 5-minute OT the "Fourth Period", really.
  • Great Plekanec chance.
  • Emelin in OT?
  • Sexy Galchenyuk pass, but no reward sadly.
  • "Emelin wasn't expecting that" could apply to just about any moment on the ice for him.
  • The best moments in OT were with Pleks or Galchenyuk skating, so obviously Desharnais had the most shifts out there...
  • Shootout time!


  • Now this is where Tokarski could see something he could never before imagine, his teammates  might put more than 1 puck past the opposing goaltender.
  • Galchenyuk denied, Luongo wouldn't bite.
  • Tokarsi keep with Trocheck, DENIED.
  • Desharnais tried the fake but no lift on the backhand means no goal.
  • Bjugstad just flat out misses, ouch.
  • PIERRE-ALEXANDRE PARENTEAU!!! Low blocker on Luongo to get his team the lead.
  • Parenteau has now scored 4 goals in the shootout this season, all of them game-winners. That is what we call Clutchiness.

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