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Canadiens vs Wild Top Six Minutes: Chucky vs Jason

Horror show in Minnesota as Montreal loses 2-1 to Wild.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports


  • Mike Weaver out
  • It seems that both games against the Wild this year have been emotional affairs. Very unlikely opponent to have memorable moments against.
  • I mentioned in the game thread how hard it is to do Jean Beliveau justice in writing and it truly is. One of the many stories I found intriguing was about how he turned down the position of Governor General of Canada ( a huge honour) so that he could spend more time with his two grandchildren who had just lost their father to suicide. Just one of the best representations of class, duty, and kindness. Le Gros Bill. Huge heart.

First Period:

  • 19 seconds in?! Are you kidding me?
  • Hands up if you picked Jason Zucker and Nino Niedrreitter to be the Wild's leading goal scorers this year.
  • I hate saying I've never heard of Jason Zucker before this year, but I've never heard of Jason Zucker before this year.
  • Jiri Sekac on both ends of a penalty. Why you so cruel Sekac?
  • If the other team didn't score first, who would? Montreal certainly isn't stepping up
  • Koivu against the Habs is always tough regardless of whether it's Saku or Mikko
  • American broadcasts always make me feel like I'm watching an EA Sports game
  • The Habs need a better depth forward option than Eric Tangradi.
  • Shots are 16-6, this has to be some cruel cruel joke.
  • Make it crueler and have Vanek score... nahhhh won't happen. So glad the other MB never re-sgined him.

Second Period:

  • How is Bryan Allen playing this game?
  • Please please take this back
  • Seeing a ref on the phone reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents would get a call from my school. I just want them off so I can get the bad news as soon as possible
  • A good hockey goal as opposed to a good soccer goal - I am so glad that they add the clarification of 'hockey'
  • Jason Pominville always feels like a Habs nemesis
  • You have to be named Jason to score i this game. Aren't you mad the Habs never hung on to Jason Ward?
  • Is Jason Ward the last Jason the Habs have dressed as an NHLer?
  • 5 on 3?! GD it
  • Killed it
  • Andrei Markov has earned the right to take frustrating penalties, Bryan Allen hasn't.
  • Still giving up just a legion of shots.

Third Period:

  • Who scores next? Jason Voorhees?
  • A Subban slapper to start the period could help the Habs get back on track.
  • Why do the Habs only have this sort of pressure after 2/3s of the game are gone?
  • Oh and Dale Weise is still a first line option.
  • Eric Tangradi is a bum. There I said it.
  • I know it's not possible, but can Bryan Allen just serve it? It would improve the Habs.
  • How do the Habs kill that so well and still suck so bad?
  • I'll lose it if Zucker scored again.
  • Habs outshooting the Wild in the 3rd, but still blowing it overall
  • So forget the Habs winning this game, can the Habs manage 20 shots on net? So pathetic.
  • Does MT think he's going to get 2 goals without Price in net? Who does he think he is Patrick Roy?
  • Ok, I take it back. Thank you Galchenyuk.
  • OUF! Just rotten. 2-1, 19 shots. Blech.

EOTP 3 Stars:

3. I don't even know what leg days are

2. How'd he get lipstick inside his visor?

1. What did i just see?


There can be only one