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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: Nothing finah than beating Carolina

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Carolina kept it close, but the Canadiens played a good first game back after the break and extend their winning streak to three games.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It's finally game day! Listening to pre-game streaming on TSN 690 because in this wonderful new season, pretty much half the Habs games are blacked out for the legions of Habs fans west of the centre of the universe. Anyway as soon as Rogers Game Centre picks up the feed about five minutes after everyone else has started watching, the six-day drought of Habs deliciousness will be over. We made it!

Pat Hickey is questioning Michel Therrien about who will be playing goal (I know it's 'whom') and Therrien affirms it will be Carey Price. Therrien, by the way, sounds absolutely exhausted. Always with all the questions, that Hickey. Anyway, yay! Looks like CP again tomorrow.

The lovely Jess Rusnak has the Two Minutes With with Brandon Prust who knows all the Kardashian names. I just heard them, and I've already forgotten them. Uh, hello, Prust's teammates, you have to use that ammo at the opportune time.

It's now 4:03, and all I'm seeing is the NHL logo. This moment always brings me agita. 4:04. I feel like when they blacked out the final scene of the Sopranos. Okay, 4:07. I'm no longer cute, and this is no longer funny.

OK! Here we go boys, here we go!

First Period

  • Well, the Habs certainly ended first-shot-on-goal watch very quickly. Three shots in less than a minute and a half, actually. I know it's just the Hurricanes, but I hate saying "just the Hurricanes" because jinxes.
  • Jordan Staal's head size rivals only that of Chad Kroeger's. I don't know, maybe discuss it in the comments.
  • Prust and Malone drop the gloves. Malone grabbed his nose, playing "got your nose!" That was a very weird moment.
  • I wonder if Malone said something about the Kardashians.
  • Carey Price is pretty remarkable. That's all I'll say there. OK no I'll say more because there's a break. I thing Habs fans are the luckiest fans in the league. Oh my god.
  • It's taken another 10 minutes to get four more shots. Enough with the back and forthing already.
  • What's Hainsey's nickname? He already has an "ey" at the end of his name. These are things I think about.
  • Aaaaand the first goal was immediately waved off. I would like to see that replay if you don't mind. Hmm. I wonder if that would be a goal for "anyone but Brendan Gallagher." I'm going with YES. At intermission it was cool to see that Therrien had a few words for the official.

Second Period

  • Carey Price saving Alexei Emelin's bacon. Well, your goalie does have to be your best player.
  • First penalty kill of the game. Lame tripping call. Carolina's powerplay is 18th?
  • And it's over and SEKAC SCORES! Wheeeee!
  • This isn't the right platform to discuss Jiri Sekac's genetic blessings other than his athletic ability, right? Just checking. Well, the kid can sure play (and he's damn good looking).
  • Carolina really turning it on and cannot score but I'm starting to get nervous. This flurry also marks the first time I've heard the crowd tonight.
  • How long was that puck just sitting alone next to Carey's net? Again with the agita.
  • I do really love when those end-of-period goals go in FOR THE GOOD GUYS. 2-0, good guys! Lars Eller went into a celebration that ended with him going, "Oops, opposing building."

Third Period

  • Sportsnet commentators playing, "This would be such a different hockey game right now if." Why, yes. And if my aunt had wheels, she'd be a trolley bus.
  • Hi refs, can we stop gifting these powerplays to the Hurricanes? Christmas is so last week.
  • Carey is pissed, and I don't blame him. No automatic waving off of the goal this time, eh? Course not.
  • 2-1, good guys. By this measure, it should be 3-1.
  • Well, at least the crowd woke up and it feels like I'm watching a hockey game again.
  • One thing I can say about David Desharnais - the guy's effort level is 100%.
  • Oh, hello, Gerbe. It's the NHL calling. Dumbass.
  • Powerplay for the visitors ... let's do this.
  • Or not. whatever. I just want this over now.
  • Chantal Desjardins usually sounds rather unsure. Just an observation.
  • Price's saves on Nash almost look deliberately annoying. I LOVE CAREY PRICE.
  • Why is Carolina trying to run down the clock, and oy with the icing. Interesting strategy with two minutes left.
  • And our knight and hero, Max Pacioretty, scores a nifty, pretty goal into the empty net. Exhale!
  • Final score: Canadiens 3, Hurricanes 1.
Highlights are on their way...