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Welcome Robyn Flynn to Eyes on the Prize

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The ever-expanding roster at EOTP welcomes yet another brilliant contributor.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It's the night before Christmas, as we have a present for you, in the form of a new contributor!

You probably recognize her voice from listening to TSN 690 day in and day out, but now you'll get to experience her writing as well, as Robyn Flynn has come aboard EOTP's party boat to make our coverage even better!

A lifelong Canadiens fan, Robyn will be contributing a weekly column on a topic of her choice, assisting in covering the World Junior Hockey Championships, an event she is accredited for, and heading up an expansion for Eyes on the Prize's coverage into the Canadian Women's Hockey League, likely with a focus on the local Montreal Stars.

Please join me in giving Robyn a warm welcome to the site!