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PK Subban goes undercover to surprise a group of fans

Subban decided to surprise a group of children with the ultimate hockey holiday experience.

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If there's anything that everyone unanimously enjoys seeing, it's a hockey player give back to the community, especially around Christmas time.

In this video, you'll see just that, as P.K. Subban surprises a group of kids; although as per usual with anything involving Subban, this is a little more than just a visit to the practice facilities.

Dressed up as a security guard, P.K. sits down mere feet away from some of his biggest fans, who are none the wiser.

Watch as P.K., his sister Nathasha, and the Montreal Canadiens spread some Christmas joy in this video titled "P.K.'s Holiday Surprise".

PK's Holiday Surprise from PK Subban on Vimeo.

This is far from the first time that Subban has gone out of his way to support community youth, seeing as he's the spokesman for Hyundai's Hockey Helpers, a program that helps thousands of kids afford hockey equipment around the country. He also purchased a box at the Bell Centre for the duration of his contract, and invites local children as his guests during every game.

Never change P.K., you're the best.