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Sunday Habs Links: Winning faceoffs but losing the puck

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Here are your daily links, including the link between faceoffs and puck possession, Tokarski on the Bulldogs, and changing the culture of hitting in hockey.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens

  • Montreal is first in the league in face-offs (55.5%), but 20th in Corsi (50.1%), which means that a team great at getting the puck first is also great at losing the puck afterwards. In any case, Manny Malhotra is a faceoff wizard. [La Presse] (French)

  • On Friday, the Hamilton Bulldogs lost 4-2 to the St. John's IceCaps. Dustin Tokarski hasn't played a game since November 28, and was in net for a conditioning stint. According to him, it felt good to "feel the puck" again. [The Hamilton Spectator]
  • Is there a market for the Canadiens to trade David Desharnais? (There is, although I think it's unlikely to happen) [A Winning Habit]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Doug Cifu, vice chairman of the Florida Panthers, corrects Ken Campbell on Twitter. Today both me and Ken Campbell learned that the Florida Panthers are, in fact, 0$ in debt to its local county. Campbell has since issued a correction in his article. [The Sunshine Skate]

  • Dan Bylsma compares Jake Eichel, projected to go no.2 in the 2015 draft, to Alex Galchenyuk. He emphasizes that both players are excellent centers who should be slowly developed into their roles. "It's the hardest position to play. I'd like to see Jack as a third-line center for a team, not a first-line center, when he starts." [ESPN]
  • Deliciously embarrassing: Tyler Bozak hands out free tickets to some season ticket holders and gets some decidedly lukewarm reactions. How did the quote go again? "The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference". [Leafs Nation]
  • There are no NCAA players on the Canadian World Junior team, while 20 players on the American team are either playing college hockey or committed to playing in the future. Could this be the cause of the Canadian gold medal drought? Note: this is Canada, so by "drought", we mean "five years". [The Hockey Writers]
  • Why we should stop using phrases like "he was admiring his pass" to blame victims of dangerous hits for being hit. To change the culture of hitting in hockey, we have to start with the language we use. [Arctic Ice Hockey]