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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: Pacioretty returns to haunt the Sens

The Sens roll into the Bell Centre trying to throw their weight around. But Max Pacioretty and the Habs aren't having any of it though, as they thump the slumping Sens.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • I see Patches skating. He is definitely Wolverine.
  • What is it with Eller and the Sens? Got injured during a playoff series against them, scored the goal that sparked a memorable comeback against them, returning from an injury against them…
  • This is my first TSM, so can I get a Andrighetto hattrick Montreal?

First Period

  • "He was caught watching his pass." No he wasn't SN. Please stop repeating it a hundred times.
  • Sekac draws a penalty and Subban turns up. The pressure lasts just until Montreal's actual PP starts up.
  • And a SHG for the Sens. Carey Price wants that back. I want to bleach my brain.
  • Montreal has scored 11 goals in the first period - good for 30th place in the NHL. Make it 12 now (still in last place though).
  • Goal Prust! Number 8 is our new sniper?
  • Stupid Karlsson and his stupid Swedish face. And his stupid sucky team.
  • The Sens are outhitting us, yet they also seem to be end up on the ice a lot more than the Habs. Weird.
  • The Habs got a goal and promptly called it in for the rest of the period. Thankfully, Price didn't.
  • Did you know Ceci is pronounced CC?
  • Emelin kept the puck in Ottawa's zone despite taking a couple of good hits. He was actually creating a scoring chance!
  • The first period is finally over. The rare Beaulieu-Andrighetto sighting made it all worth it.
  • My first TSM and the Habs are 1-0! :D

Second Period

  • Carey Price is an absolute troll. "Merry Christmas Ottawa" indeed.
  • The return of Bro-lieu. Kid's had a couple of really good shifts and hopefully points will follow.
  • The Habs are sustaining pressure and the Sens have iced the puck? Is it opposite day?
  • "The heavy-leg Senators are being led by Legwand". Hehe.
  • Sekac had a very nice chance of a Gryba turnover. Gryba's still a piece of feces for his hit on Eller.
  • Tic-tac-toe! Gallagher GOAL!
  • 67 to 27 to 11. This is our first line baby!
  • Breakaway Sens. Ain't getting past Price though.
  • The Sens are an annoying more-goony, less-skilled version of the Boston Bruins. And that's saying something.
  • Gonchar seems to be having a hell of a game. The Russian machine never breaks.
  • Pleky's in the sin bin and the Habs will start the 3rd on the penalty kill. Eff…
  • Well at least we got out of that period with a lead.

Third Period

  • "Michel Therrien really doesn't care how they win". Don't we know it?
  • It can't be stated enough how good Max Pacioretty is on the PK. And to think, the Habs drafted him and Subban in the same draft. IN THE SAME DRAFT!
  • Speaking of Subban, he just walked right in to take that shot on Lehner. Pity Lehner had to make the save.
  • Calm yourself Hoffman, you didn't have to fall down that dramatically.
  • Habs kill the penalty but it's all Sens in the third. Montreal's doing it's very Montreal-esque thing of being outshot to high heaven before finding the odd stretch pass that connects.
  • Good pressure by 67-27-11-79-76, followed by a Subbanian Spinorama.
  • Loving the 'Carey-Carey-Carey' chants in the Bell Centre, after his point blank save.
  • YES GRYBA TOOK A PENALTY! Eller has to score now to make it all the more poetically just (which will never happen because he'll never be put on the power play).
  • Why are we still dumping the puck on a power play? Just why?
  • Galchenyuk took a stick to the face. He's going to be loosing a couple of teeth for sure.
  • Yup, Montreal's power play is still beyond awful. And as I write this, the Sens take a Too Many Men On The Ice penalty. Hehe.
  • PLEKY PP GOAL!!! The turtleneck assassin strikes again.
  • And make it 4-1 for the Habs, as Pacioretty and Emelin set up Galchenyuk's goal.
  • Is Max Pacioretty awesome or is Max Pacioretty awesome?
  • One good play does not a good defensemen make, but Emelin was pretty sick on that play.
  • We beat the Sens! We beat the Sens! We beat the Sens!

EOTP Three Stars

3. I prefer Gallioretyuk.

2. Yeah, suck it!

1. Hope everyone's enjoying their Christmas parties!