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Canadiens vs Ducks Top Six Minutes: Habs lose one they deserved to win.

It was an emotional night at the Bell as Saku Koivu was honoured, but it wasn't enough to power the Habs to victory.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • It's Saku Koivu night at the Bell. This one really hits home; the longest tenured captain aside from the great Jean Beliveau.
  • Pretty sure there is a seemingly leaderless gang of onion chopping super sleuths going around to the homes of Habs fans lately. They were definitely in my apartment.
  • Also, why do I have such bad allergies lately... Weird.
  • "I will always be a Hab at heart." And we're more than happy to have you, sir... Ok, now the onions are just ridiculous.
  • Thank you so much, Saku. This one's for you.

1st Period

  • Being hemmed in the defensive zone for the first two minutes isn't helping me come back from the Koivu feels there boys. .
  • P.K. Subban comes on the ice and they exit the zone easier than a Prius exiting an aircraft hanger. Subban is best.
  • Rene Bourque is getting booed a little. Almost fully booed. Hehe.
  • Tangradi has plenty of time but decides to ice the puck at what should have been the end of a very long shift. Hurry back please, Eller.
  • You have to know you'll get scored on when your fourth line gets stuck on the ice for three whole minutes. It's basically inevitable.
  • Bourque takes a penalty, the fans will cheer that. But alas, the powerplay is not much to cheer about. Not much at all.
  • That 67-27-11 line is pretty good at least. Decent, even. Play them for three straight minutes. I bet it works out better than three minutes of the fourth.
  • As a whole, they looked a lot better in the last couple minutes of the first. I'll tentatively chalk that up to them also trying to overcome the Koivu feels

2nd Period

  • I think that very few players can shoot the puck hard enough that their stick breaks and it still gets on net. P.K. Subban is one of them.
  • Brandon Prust ruins a golden two on one by shooting directly at Andersen's chest. He probably needed to shoot that, really. Still bitter about it.
  • David Desharnais is playing very well lately. My lone critique would be that he should only pass it to Prust when the latter is looking at an empty net.
  • Tangradi hit a post, but he's going to need to score at least two for me to not still be mad at him for that first period shift.
  • Parenteau, flying, takes a clapper in tight but Andersen gets a piece of it. We need to jinx this guy. Shutout, shutout, shutout.
  • Hey, Fred... Stop stopping pucks. Goof.
  • So this big Danish tendy doesn't seem to want to listen to me. I wonder if the NHL rules would allow for Saku to lace up for the third. There's no way he wouldn't score.
  • Maybe it would be permissible for Lars Eller to at least go on the bench and yell things at him in Danish. Things like 'shutout' and other stuff.
  • Du sutter, Andersen. Og jeg kan ikke lide dig.
  • For those not fluent in danish, I told him he sucks and I don't like him. At least, Google translate tells me that's what I'm saying.
  • #AlmostBourque disease is apparently more contagious than the mumps, and Rene Bourque has given it to the entire Habs squad.
  • Strong effort for the second, albeit still down a goal due to that smelly Dane. Ahem: Ildelugtende Dansker.

3rd Period

  • I haven't mentioned it yet, but Gallagher has been really good tonight. Here's hoping the new #11 can get something done on Koivu night.
  • That was the weakest hooking call I've ever seen, there on Prust. I'd bet any money Anaheim scores on it too.
  • Maybe not... The refs even it up. Getzlaf not happy about the call, but someone should tell him you can't slash someone's stick in half. It's against the rules, bro.
  • Clayton Stoner does not get called on what was absolute textbook boarding... Refs are in fine form. Pacioretty is injured. Nice work, refs. Bang up job.
  • Sportsnet did everything they could to blame that hit on Pacioretty. Also, bang up job Sportsnet. Not complete garbage commentary at all...
  • But apparently the refs do still know what interference is, so there's that. Please score on this powerplay, boys.
  • THEY DID! DAVID DAY-HAR-NAY. What. A. Shot. He avenges the dirty hit on his former linemate, on the scoreboard. Love it.
  • I retract what I said earlier... The refs may have no clue what interference is because they just sent Subban to the box for "interference," and it was not in fact that.
  • Of course, the Ducks score on the bogus call powerplay. Keep up the good work, refs. Just aces.
  • Brandon Prust gives Clayton Stoner the business. When I tell him to keep up the good work, I am no longer being sarcastic.
  • I expect a lot better from Andrei Markov than blind firing a puck for an icing from behind his net with four minutes to go and down by one.
  • Somehow, another phantom interference call on P.K. Subban with less than a deuce to go. Excellent work, refs. Excellent work.
  • Empty net on the penalty kill and the Habs are buzzing. Please stick it to the refs and get this one, boys.
  • Nada. I may be a notorious ref-blamer, but does anyone not think that the Habs got jobbed in the third by the zebras? Because it sure looked like that to me.
  • They deserved this one. Not just because it was Saku Koivu night, but because they played excellent second and third periods.
  • We still love you, Saku. Always.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) Now I get it. He was just trying to get his minutes.

2) If these two raced it would take longer than the Tour de France.

1) Everyone's reaction to DD's sniper skills. Summed up neatly.