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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: All Your hats belong to Galchenyuk

The year of the Galchenyuk continues!

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images


  • My 1st time writing the Top Six Minutes was a Hurricanes game about a year ago. The Habs blew a 3-0 lead in the 3rd period and lost 5-4 in overtime.
  • The horror
  • Cam Ward is in nets, who I forever remember as the guy who stepped in to help the 'Canes steal a playoff series vs MTL in 2006 after Justin "Hacksaw" Williams tried to poke out Saku's eye. But I'm not bitter at all about that.
  • I know his 2 goals on 3 shots aren't sustainable but I want another Andrighetto goal so we can spam #GhettoBlaster on Twitter

1st Period:

  • Therrien is being Therrien to start the game by inserting Weise with Plekanec and Sekac for the first shift of the game.
  • Bill Peters looks like the stern vice principal of a school drama
  • Weise now taking a 2nd shift on the Plekanec line. That'll teach Andrighetto to score a point in each of his first 3 games, just showed no respeck doing that.
  • Parenteau generates the 1st scoring chance of the game, no dice but good timing to seize on the giveaway.
  • Galchenyuk's line is doing lots of nice things, their cycle game is already the best on the team.
  • Desharnais outwaits Ward, Carolina's D forgets there are other guys on the ice leaving Desharnais to feed Prust who nets what you could qualify as an empty-netter. 1-0 Habs!
  • Sportsnet says Therrien hasn't touched the line of Andrighetto-Plekanec-Sekac when they have yet to play a shift together in this game. 12 more years...
  • It is amazing no matter what the opponent, Emelin-Gonchar makes the opposing forwards look like the 90s Red Wings.
  • A buzzing Gallagher nearly made it 2-0, but 'buzzing' is a redundant word when it comes to Gallagher.
  • Parenteau-Desharnais really seem to have something going since they were lined up together, big positive for the team regardless of how you may feel about DD.
  • Power play! And Gallagher rings the post. No crueler sound in hockey when your team has the puck.
  • Gonchar Desharnais'd that.
  • Wow that went by fast. Great period for Montreal, 13-4 SOG.
  • Andrighetto with a team-low 2:47 in the 1st period, Weise with 4:03.

2nd Period:

  • That's a pretty weak call on Gonchar, hope it doesn't haunt the boys. PK time. Not to be confused with P.K. time.
  • And the Whalercanes blow the power play just like that, 4-on-4 time!
  • Shot on Price, who mostly spent the 1st period reading on his Kindle.
  • Rough shift for Gilbert there.
  • And another questionable call, this time on Gallagher. 'Canes games and bad officiating, unavoidable at this point.
  • As noted by Andrew Berkshire on the twitters, Pacioretty has become one hell of a penalty killer.
  • It would be nice if the Habs figured out they're playing the last-place team in the Conference during this period.
  • And finally some life. Prust grabs the puck in the D zone to push an end-to-end rush that almost finishes on a Desharnais goal but the puck skips on his stick.
  • Hurricanes didn't seem to have a chance on that one, Gallagher slips a check in his own zone to feed Markov who skates it in to feed Pacioretty, who spots Galchenyuk all alone in the right circle and finishes to give Montreal a 2-0 lead. You couldn't have drawn it up any nicer.
  • Plekanec and Sekac look so good together, then you see the cement block that is Weise on their line. And of course, Sportsnet talks him up like he's actually helping.
  • Power play for the Habs, I have no idea who Justin Shugg is but he kinda looks like an asshole with that one.
  • Goalie interference on Parenteau, who now gets to shed his perimeter player reputation. 4-on-4 time again.
  • Staal steals the puck from Subban and goes in for a chance, this video will now be used for 11 years on how PK is bad at defence.
  • I can't be the only who is getting disoriented by hearing Rask and it not being in the context of a Boston game.
  • Ice times to be upset about update: Beaulieu with 6:55 through 40 minutes, Bournival with 5:30, Andrighetto with 5:02
  • Thumbs down

3rd Period:

  • Great PK shift for Prust. The difference between when he's healthy and not is such that it makes you wonder why the coaching staff are always so eager to play him hurt. It isn't like they can't tell at this point.
  • Galchenyuk draws a penalty!
  • Beaulieu just has no luck this season when he's up with the Habs. Does everything right to generate points but never a reward.
  • UGH! Skinner started last year's 3rd-period comeback as well. Habs now have a 2-1 lead with plenty of time to blow this. And having 13:13 left on the clock is hardly a friendly number if you are superstitious.
  • Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Gallagher being the most dangerous offensive line for the Habs ensures that Therrien will break them up at the earliest opportunity, but let's enjoy it for now.
  • Markov's having one of his best games of the season tonight, set up a goal, passes are hitting their mark pretty often and some great own-zone coverage.
  • Malhotra hauled down but no call, are we in Ignore the Rulebook territory or "Letting Them Play" as traditionalists know it?
  • Hey guess what happened to the 'ol fancy stats when Subban was benched by Therrien for a bit...
  • shot chart subban benched
  • This is feeling WAY TOO MUCH like the game I did last year. Habs are braindead in the 3rd and the coach is doing what exactly?
  • Carey Price's biography will be titled "A Solitary Journey"
  • Alex Galchenyuk, better at deking than Ward is at goaltending. 3-1 Habs after Pacioretty sprung his centre at the line.
  • Max Pacioretty had all 3 primary assists on Galchenyuk's hat trick, so it's basically the opposite of how we thought those two might generate a hat trick.
  • One more power play!
  • And one more disappointment to go with it.
  • Games against the Hurricanes shouldn't be this nerve-wracking, but fortunately Galchenyuk-Pacioretty saved the day, almost like it makes sense to have your two best forwards play together.
  • Habs are now 3-0-1 when I do Top Six, you're welcome.

Three Stars:

1. On the idea of Allen playing another game


2. Therrien may be a secret expert at something! 

secret expert

3. And you people do some weird stuff with your cats


Galchenyuk's hat trick can be viewed in all its glory here.