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Friday Habs Links: Bryan Allen might be ill with the mumps

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Here are your daily links, including a projection of the Habs salary cap, a December prospect report, and a comparison of this season with last season at the 30 game mark .

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Montreal Canadiens

  • The Habs' salary cap situation is looking pretty good for the next few years. For an even better idea of our salary cap situation, check out EOTP's salary cap visualisation. [Grantland]
  • Jacob de la Rose will be loaned by the Hamilton Bulldogs over the Holidays, so that he can participate with the Swedish National Junior Team in the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship. [NHL]
  • Sportsnet rolls out their December prospect report - check out their report on Charles Hudon, Mike McCarron, Zach Fucale, and Nikita Scherbak. [Sportsnet]
  • (French) Numerical comparison of this season and the last one after 30 games. We've improved, more or less, except on the powerplay. We dropped from 22.94 % last year to 13.58 %. [RDS]
  • (French) It's up to Alex Galchenyuk to prove he's ready to play centre. [La Presse]
  • The Boston Bruins are targeted for the 2016 Winter Classic, and the Habs could be the perfect matchup. No word yet on the venue. [TSN]
  • Bryan Allen might have a case of the mumps. The team is not taking any chances, and have isolated Allen from the rest of the players as he deals with the issue. Don't worry, the rest of the team have already received their booster shot. [TVA]
  • The Canadiens held a moment of silence for Jean Béliveau. As noted by Keith Olbermann, it was a true moment of silence, a rare occurrence these days.

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Will advanced stats take the beauty out of hockey? The title is a bit misleading, because the article is more about whether advanced stats will take the uncertainty out of who will win and who will lose - and less about whether it will take away anyone's enjoyment of the game itself. [The Guardian]
  • The NHL is the prefect breeding ground of mumps. Remember, even people who are up to date on their shots are only 88% protected. [Maclean's]
  • Justin Schultz: misunderstood Edmonton Oiler. It wasn't about being a diva, it was all about the money, money, money. [The Copper and the Blue]
  • How can a hockey team playing in Canada's capital be so...mediocre? The Ottawa Senators still boast the lowest payroll in the league, and replacing Paul MacLean with Dave Cameron hasn't changed anything. [Silver Seven]
  • Don Cherry misses spending time with his best buddy, Ron MacLean. "Before we used to sit together and watch every game … every Saturday we’d sit together for three hours. Sometimes now we don’t sit together for two minutes," [National Post]