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Canadiens vs Wild Top Six Minutes: Habs win one for Pointu!

Maybe it was Guy Lapointe's presence or maybe it was just a matter of time, but your Montreal Canadiens finally rediscovered their offense in a 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild.

Richard Wolowicz
  • Bowman's addition (recalled in lieu of Bournival's injury) puts pressure on Moen and Bourque to perform.
  • Arpon Basu questions the timing of the call up. Could someone be #AlmostTraded?

#5 Guy Lapointe

  • Guy! Guy! Guy! Guy! Raining down from the Bell Centre faithful while Pointu does he darnedest not to tear up.
  • I'm really hoping Serge Savard & Larry Robinson's banners come down to raise up along side #5. It's about time The Big Three are reunited.
  • Hard not to see the similarities between Lapointe and Subban, but PK's got a lot of work cut out ahead of him to match.
  • The Game of Thrones theme song plays as Savard & Robinson hit center ice. Is Larry a Lannister?
  • Larry turns away from center ice to address Pointu directly, intimately, after Serge's formal speech. What a guy! Can we keep him? Pretty sure we could find some space behind the bench...
  • YES! #18 & #19 lowered, Markov and Subban deliver #5, and The Big Three are together once again. Forever.
  • Well played, Montreal. Well played.
  • Shout-out to Stephanie Lapointe, whose efforts last year to send #5 to the rafters was clearly heard, loud and clear.

1st Period

  • Be honest. You didn't really expect the game to start at 7pm sharp, did you?
  • We have puck drop!
  • #5 behind the nets and poppies on the helmets.
  • Maybe the reason the Habs powerplay numbers are so bad is that they always negate the man advantage by taking a penalty of their own.
  • Hearing Koivu's name during a Habs game will never get old.
  • Puck is taking a lot of awkward bounces tonight, frustrating the Habs skill players like Galchenyuk and Pacioretty. My money's on the grinders tonight.
  • Malholtra falls hard on top of Price during a scramble. Price seen favoring his blocker hand shortly after. #TrustInDustin?

2nd Period

  • These low scoring games make it a lot easier to harvest "highlights."
  • Sekac sets up the Habs best chance to score thus far.
  • Therrien follows up with the Habs 4th line to take the the offensive zone faceoff...
  • Gallagher has zero points in the last nine games. That'll change soon. Book it.
  • The SEPtic line of Prust-Eller-Sekac dominate the Wild for a full shift and come within inches of making it 2-0.
  • Oy vey. Markov turns the puck over in the neutral zone (to Vanek of all people!) and there's little Subban can do to diffuse the 3-on-1.
  • Tie game.
  • Galchenyuk is a warm knife cutting through refrigerated butter.
  • Plekanec just threw an Emelin-scale hip-check. Wow.
  • LARS!!! On a play that started with Sekac's second effort to get the puck on net. 2-1 Habs.
  • After a lackluster first period, the pace improved toward the end of the second. Will the Habs momentum carry over?

3rd Period

  • Habs appear to score after Prust takes a bite out of the post thanks to a Niederreiter check from behind.
  • Good goal! Sekac gets credit! Maybe we can finally put that #FreeSekac business behind us.
  • Pominville responds by crashing his way through Carey Price with a little help from Markov.
  • Desharnais came this |   | close to making it 4-1. Post.
  • Pacioretty doesn't miss! 4-1!
  • It took awhile, but the Canadiens finally found their offense.
  • Habs should trade for Mikko Koivu. Make it happen, Bergevin!
  • Last time the Habs scored 4 goals, they were defeating Boston in their home opener.
  • A 5th goal here for Pointu would be the icing and maraschino cherry on the cake!
  • Beaulieu in what may very well have been his first NHL fight. Chalk it up as a win.
  • Maybe the Habs should have pregame ceremonies every game.
  • That's all she wrote, folks! Thanks for reading.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. It wasn't as bad as you'd think.

2. Probably for the best.

1. Michel Therrien made Crosby: "Shidney, I em your fodder."


#5 is home:

Slap it like Gally:

Prust sacrifices his face:

Sekac is here to stay, right?

Icing on the cake: