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NHL jersey ads: How bad could they be?

A sneak peek at the worst case scenario for inevitable NHL jersey ads.

According to NHL chief operating officer John Collins, ads on NHL jerseys will be coming soon to hockey arena near you. NHL fans are predictably upset, since there's absolutely no way this will improve any of the teams' jerseys.

Selling heaps of advertising space on jerseys is already common practice in some European leagues, although some teams keep it reasonable. Considering we're at the point that most broadcasts will project an ad on the glass during games, we're probably lucky that we've gone this long without jersey ads.

It's a damned shame, although the announcement that jersey ads are on their way was inevitable. The best course of action is to accept that your favourite team's jersey will be tainted by numerous logos in the near future. To get us ready for the ocular diarrhea that the jersey ads are likely to create, I mocked up a a series of terrible logo-heavy jerseys for every Eastern Conference team.


UPDATE: In the interest of being topical, the Philadelphia Flyers have released an alternate version of their jersey advertising:

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