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Parenteau vs Briere, Galchenyuk, and NHL referees

Mike Obrand's ramblings on all things hockey, Habs and sports. Summed up in 500 words

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Random, informal and honest. This is, and will be: 500 words.

On a scale from 1-10 how badly the Habs hose the Avalanche on the Parenteau-Briere deal?

-I don't see how the Avalanche thought that getting rid of a proven top 6 forward in exchange for an over-the-hill fringe top 9er was a good idea. PAP is a better option at forward for your incredible young talent than John Mitchell, Jamie McGinn and Cody McLeod. Besides that pre-trade common sense, Parenteau's possession stats are astronomically better than Briere's the Habs are 6 points up on the Avalanche and Briere has been a healthy scratch for 2 straight games. You think Roy wants a do-over?

-I don't want the Habs to trade Rene Bourque on the off-chance that he goes Super Sayan in the playoffs again. Is carrying a player for the potential at a stellar playoffs a good strategy? Honestly, I'm leaning towards this option because the Habs couldn't get rid of him if they wanted to.

-How does Carey Price blow off steam? Does he Fight Club? I wouldn't want to go up against Price in Fight Club. I would not survive to not be able to talk about it.

-Alex Galchenyuk will be an integral part of the Canadiens for 20 years but what if the Habs didn't crap out? Who would they have instead? Where would Galchenyuk be?

-Let's say the Habs finish the same way they did in 2011 and picked 17th again. In 2012 Tomas Hertl went 17th and Terevainen went 18th. This situation includes so many variables that it's impossible to imagine this rationally but if not Galchenyuk those two seems like pretty good consolation prizes. The opposite side of the coin moves the Islanders to 3rd and the Leafs to 4th. I could live with Galchenyuk on the Island but seeing him get ruined in every way bu Toronto would be painful even if my hypothetical alternate reality self would not have nearly the amount of love/lust that I have for him now.,

-NHL referees are the land that time forgot. No matter how far the league has come there will still be that striped anchor holding games back. There seems to be at least one call per game that makes you want to straight up murder a ref. The "goalie interference call after the accused is shoved into the goalie by the goalie's teammate" is my favourite. I think the Illuminati-inspired ritual that the striped undergo before the game is them saying "we own this sport." It makes you think that hockey is just a medium for the ref's affinity for power. Was hockey invented by a ref? Can someone look that up?

-Steve Ott's twitter account is a parody in itself and is the perfect example of a total and complete lack of self-awareness. It is unintentional comedic gold. If you haven't combed through it I strongly suggest doing so.

Goodbye Western Canada, hello Blackhawks on Tuesday.

That was 500 words.