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Canadiens vs. Sabres Top Six Minutes: Better effort, no cigar

For the second night in a row, the Canadiens lose to the Buffalo Sabres, but this time manage to eke out the lone point out of four. Let the madness begin!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


  • I made a prediction on twitter, it's out there. I say the Habs will win 4-0. If you didn't tweet it, it didn't happen.
  • Nothing much else to report except for the horrifying admission that I found myself agreeing with PJ Stock. BRB going to shower. With bleach. And then I'm going to confession and communion.
  • I mean, after the game.

First Period

  • Desharnais took a shot! And a good one!
  • Pleks with a solid chance. These first three minutes have been all Habs.
  • You read that right!
  • Does that one Sabre ever look like an Irish Chara.
  • Emelin boom. Right after pissing Gionta off. I'm not hating this, not gonna lie.
  • Buffalo with a too many men penalty. Thanks, Galchenyuk, for helping point that one out. Let's go!
  • Oh brother.
  • Oh, Buffalo scored! Gurmurdsnurson. OK, I don't know how to say his name.
  • There goes my prediction.
  • So - is the Sabres' defence really that formidable? Because they're looking très so.
  • Buffalo really wants to get Emelin tonight.
  • 1-0 Buffalo, end of the first.  The world is ending.

Second Period

  • So many shots, so many almost goals! Less than a minute in.
  • Keep doing that (minus the 'almost' part)
  • Also, goal light? Thanks for the frigging heart attack.
  • Is there a Sabre whose name is something like "Beirut"?
  • I absolutely cannot believe no SHOTS ARE GOING IN
  • Also Desharnais is shooting instead of passing. I feel like he will get one.
  • Enroth's luck is going to run out. The building is filling up with his sighs of relief.
  • Deharnais with the shot again. This is not a retweet.
  • Sustained pressure. Sustained pressure. Stay in the O zone.
  • WTF was that over the line???
  • Dude that was in.
  • Enroth knows.
  • Tick tock, tick tock.
  • These commentators are driving me crazy. Stop talking!! (I know it's your job)
  • Mute buttons are fantastic.
  • GOAL!!!! Mr. Six-Year Man!
  • OK. Church tomorrow.
  • Late offside calls are totally my favourite.
  • Therrien with his speakeasy suit that I'm partial to
  • The word of the day is: Post. Preceded by an expletive.
  • Tangradi's all right, eh?
  • Was that Gonchar going to the penalty box? Did I miss something?
  • It was. Welp, I guess they had to make up for having to acknowledge that goal.
  • P.K. Subban sticks Pacioretty right in the chiclets.
  • Kids, Chiclets was this gum that looked like what is known today as "Extra". It didn't whiten or anything, but they did look like teeth.
  • Strachan = Irish Chara.
  • Are these commentators on glue? Montreal has done nothing but spend this period in Buffalo's zone. Aside from Enron of the conveniently horseshoe-shaped insides, how fabulous has Buffalo been, exactly? This might be a good week to STOP SNIFFING GLUE.
  • Commentators, tell me a little more about every single Buffalo Sabre between plays. I don't think we've talked about them enough.
  • Oh, Dale WEISE
  • Patch is back!
  • 1-1. And M. Desharnais leads the team in shots.
  • You read that right.

Third Period

  • Here we go boys, here we go!
  • Has Allen made a mistake so far tonight?
  • Eller can't buy a goal.
  • Is it just me, or is this show called "All you ever wanted to know about the Buffalo Sabres"?
  • Oh. Breakaway goal. Weaver and Allen were no match there, I'm afraid.
  • Lotta game left.
  • Good news is, it's the third period!
  • Another stick high on Pacioretty, who's rumoured to have lost a couple of teeth?
  • Eller got a goal. FOR FREE. 100% off, folks! Screw you, Black Friday!
  • These commentators are talking about flukey goals by the Habs tonight. Did they watch last night? These guys are starting to chap my butt.
  • Nasty boarding on DD. Good call.
  • You know who I like? Gonchar.
  • That powerplay was not terrible.
  • Also not terrible? Watching on mute. Garry Galley? Terrible.
  • OMG Sekac is good!
  • I want a close up on Patch to see if he's missing teeth! Patch with the go-ahead goal, guys and gals! I'm turning Galley on again to listen to him cry.
  • Oh, Patch's poor face :(
  • There's the tying goal. Breaking things.
  • Of course Gionta was in that mix. Of course.
  • I blame myself, for turning the sound back on.
  • Mute.
  • Can Canada Post really afford these expensive commercials during hockey games? Things I think about.
  • Parenteau. I heard that Enroth sigh of relief, even without the sound on.
  • The amount of abuse Gallagher takes, oh my good god. I'm serious.
  • Who else gets nervous when they see Tokarski leave the net, after what happened last night?
  • End of regulation. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!


  • Ooooooh Galchenyuk, almost!
  • Sekac too!
  • Two minutes left in OT. The ice looks so big 4-on-4, no?
  • Patch passes to ... no one in particular.
  • Whoa, whoa, Galchenyuk is pissed, what???
  • PK is pissed too. I have the sound off, you guys.
  • These teams don't like each other very much.

The Shootout

  • Desharnais, Galchenyuk, Parenteau?
  • Galchenyuk, I got the sequence mixed up. Denied.
  • Whoever that Ryan Miller-looking guy was for Buffalo was not even close.
  • DD is next. Denied. Ugh.
  • Ennis. Also not.
  • Parenteau. Also not!!!!!
  • Gurmurndsnurrolf tried to pull a Kreider there. DENIED.
  • Eller. No.
  • Gionta. Nein.
  • Plekanec. Niente.
  • Flynn wins it.
  • Everything sucks. Getting a loser point from BUFFALO, and after not playing a bad game at all.
  • Let the madness begin!