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Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes: Habs embarrass themselves and run out of luck

No one informed the Buffalo Sabres they were supposed to be humiliated by the Canadiens. Moulson and Ennis score to embarrass the Canadiens in Buffalo

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
  • The MSG-B broadcasting team is trying to set this game up as a clash of two storied NHL franchises. Not sure I buy the idea that Buffalo is a storied franchise in the same vein as the storied franchise of the Canadiens.
  • First Niagara Centre doesn't have the same ring to it as the ol'Aud
  • The Buffalo Sabres - this should be easy for the Canadiens right?

First Period

  • Every time they call out Enroth it sounds like Enron
  • Breaks my heart to see pushing and shoving between Gio and PK
  • Love these older style Sabres jerseys - I almost expect Lou Franceschetti and Mike Ramsay to hop over the boards to take a shift. Still don't see them as a storied franchise
  • Of course the new guy Tangradi was on the ice for that Ennis goal.
  • Not a lot going right for the Sabres this season, but nice effort by Ennis on that goal. MSG-B announcers lost it on that goal, not sure it was a goal of the year, but fun to watch.
  • Why can't Mike Foligno's kid wear one of those ugly lids his dad used to wear? It'd be a perfect fit for these jerseys. If he can't do that how about a Rick Vaive horse collar?
  • Gonch had a couple of nice shifts that showed how far instincts can go to make up for other declining abilities. Like someone mentioned a few games ago - Gonchar's current play is a preview of what Markov will become in a couple of years.
  • MSG-B played the most disturbing anti-smoking commercial I have seen in a long time. Bombarded by these and Cellino & Barnes commercials, I'm not sure I'll last.
  • If the Sabres can ever develop all these young talents properly they will be scary, then again this is the Sabres we're talking about.
  • What was the point of that Prust-Stewart fight?
  • Another first period, another disappointment for Habs.

2nd Period

  • Drew Stafford does not come back for the second period and looks to be gone for the game... to quote A Mighty Wind "wha happened?"
  • Stafford is the Sabres second leading scorer because no one else wanted the job.
  • When do we get to decide for once and for all who has won the Cody Hodgson for Zack Kassian swap?
  • PK was said to have taken a screened shot and of course I heard "screen shot". I must have those three stars for TSM on the brain.
  • Tangradi and Kaleta try their best to earn game misconducts and get thrown out of this truly boring game. I kid. Tangradi trying to make a case to stay with the team. Nice to see... yada yada yada
  • 'Renegade' is in attendance tonight and the broadcast crew makes their best attempt at making it sound like Lorenzo Lamas is Hollywood royalty.
  • That Moulson shot - daaaamn.
  • Prust shows Tangradi how to get chucked off the ice.
  • PLEKS!
  • Stairway denied!
  • Well at least the Habs haven't given up a million shots - almost but not quite.
  • Strachan profiled between the second and third periods. Loooooves country music, hates rap. It's like he's an 1980s wrestling heel.

3rd Period

  • If the Sabres had scored on Price in a situation like that we'd all be livid. But I'll take that goal!
  • P.A. seems to be the leader for the Habs in the category of scoring goals when we absolutely need them
  • Funny how a 1-1 tie can create some meaningful tension in an otherwise awful game
  • That was a PP goal?! It's been so long since I've seen one, I forgot what they looked like.
  • This game better not go to OT (this game is definitely going to OT and then a shootout).
  • I change my mind these Tim Horton's Bake Shop commercials are the most horrifying.
  • Marcus Foligno ditches his lid and instead of donning his dad's old helmet, goes in for a check without nothing on his dome at all
  • Subbanned!
  • MSG mentioned #55 while I was looking away and I thought they were talking about Gonchar until they said, "This young man..."
  • This has suddenly taken a turn for the interesting. I hope it's interesting enough that we avoid OT
  • Didn't you like how the presence of Allen totally scared Gio and the Sabres and they didn't retaliate at all against that Emelin hit?
  • Emelin hit suspendable? I'm not entirely sure, but it'd be the Habs luck that we'd lose Emelin to suspension, Gilbert comes back in, but we see Allen and Gonchar getting a ton more ice time.
  • Matt Moulson was due.
  • That was ugly
  • Therrien can say, "See the dump works! Buffalo scored the game winning goal on a dump."
  • What a loss.


3. Fittingly a three-way tie for third, touché indeed:

2. If only kids didn't need sustenance

1. Says it all


Barely qualifies