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Eyes on the Prize looking for a new game thread writer and a morning links compiler

Looking to get involved with the biggest and best Habs website out there? We're looking to add to our team, and you could be the right fit.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Canadiens are always on the lookout for ways to improve their team, and so are we. Currently, we are looking to fill two very important positions going forward, both of which are on a volunteer basis.

Open position: Daily links compiler Monday through Thursday

Currently we have the excellent Sam Li doing links for Friday through Sunday, but she can't do everything, and we need someone, possibly two people, that we can depend on for morning links posts, a very important part of our community.

Requirements & responsibilities
  • Must have your finger on the pulse of hockey news, especially the Habs.
  • Learn and master SB Nation's Chorus editorial software.
  • Compile and create the morning links post by no later than 11pm EST the night before they are to be published.
  • Keep to the format that we currently use for links posts, here is an example by Sam.

The position is fairly straightforward, and if you're interested, please email us at with a sample post of 5 Habs links, and 5 non-Habs links that you would choose to use in a links post. Please also provide a description of yourself and who you are, because we want to get to know you! Make sure the subject line of the email is Daily Links.

Open position: Game thread writer

Unfortunately for us, the amazing Mark Black is taking time off to write a book, but we're super proud of him! This means that soon, we'll be in desperate need of someone to handle our game thread coverage, a huge part of our game coverage in general. The game thread writer is a bit more of a high pressure position, because it requires three separate posts to publish per game, so you have to be able to work at speed.

Requirements & responsibilities
  • Learn and master SB Nation's Chorus editioral software.
  • Be able to produce short paragraph period summaries with speed, without much need for editing.
  • Must watch every single Canadiens game with a computer within reach to publish period threads during intermissions (we can do subs if you need to miss a game).
  • Must have the game thread submitted by 4pm on game days, here is an example of a game thread, and a period thread.

This position is a bit tougher than the daily links one, but as Mark can tell you, we appreciate whoever does it a whole heck of a lot. If you're interested in the position, email us at with a sample game thread, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Make sure that the subject line of the email is Game Thread Writer.


Both of these positions offer the opportunity to contribute outside these responsibilities. Both Sam and Mark have written recaps for games, while Mark has written profiles for the Top 25 Under 25 project, and more. Don't feel limited to only what you're brought in for! Good luck!