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Canadiens vs Blues Top Six Minutes: Pacioretty birthday party

It was Max Pacioretty's birthday, and he came to party.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • Rene Bourque got traded for a defenseman today... He's a big dude who's not very mobile and he's apparently decided on wearing the number six...
  • Ok, he's probably more Josh Gorges than he is Douglas Murray, but if that first bullet was all one had to go on, it is a scary thought.
  • The Blues are a pretty good team, and I'll admit I have a bad feeling about this one. I hope Lars Eller goes full viking tonight and punishes the team that traded him. PUCKS ON NET BOYS, LETS GO. #GorgesForever

1st Period

  • Eller Sekac and Prust out to start for the Habs, immediate scoring chance. This line is good stuff.
  • Maxim Lapierre is going to do something tonight. I'm not sure what, but I'm pulling for a brutal giveaway to P.A. Parenteau so I can maybe win first Habs goal on Twitter for once.
  • It's Max Pacioretty's birthday so I also expect he'll do something, and that the announcers will remind us repeatedly that it's his birthday even if he doesn't. Happy birthday, Max!
  • That was the ugliest mid-air deflection goal I've ever seen. This is starting to feel like it will be basically a continuation of the Penguins game.
  • The Eller line creating havoc in Jake Allen's grill, and somehow the puck stays out. Allen looks like he's going to have himself a night.
  • Wait, the puck actually went in! But the ref blew the whistle, or intended to blow it, or wanted to intend to blow it. Not sure, I'm just bitter because no goal.
  • It's hard not to be bitter when your team is down and Brendan Gallagher is apparently being told that tripping isn't a penalty if it's against him. Cool beans.
  • Four consecutive periods of hockey with no goals... Shutout, shutout, shutout. Please let this admittedly dumb superstition work.

2nd Period

  • You know on the older versions of NHL video games, where you could turn fatigue off and just play your top line the whole game? If that could be done with the Eller line, it would be like 9-1 already.
  • They've actually mentioned the fact that Gonchar is 40 more times than they've mentioned Pacioretty's birthday on Sportsnet tonight. Didn't know that at all.
  • Dutch Gretzky to the rescue, ending the goal drought! Kevin Shattenkirk not only gave it away, but interfered with his own goaltender. Luckily, the goal was still allowed, because Weise was probably distracting Shattenkirk.
  • 100 foot passes are cool. They generally clear the zone and give like a 3% breakaway chance... You know, get two birds stoned at once.
  • They didn't mention Max's birthday after the goal on Sportsnet, so I got that wrong. Also, still waiting for Lapierre to do his thing. I hope it sucks for his team.
  • Jiri Sekac deserves a goal tonight. The dude is all over the puck and backchecks like a beast. Get the man a goal. Or two. I'd be alright with two as well. 
  • If there were to be a trophy for the most undeservedly low save percentage, it should be named the Carey Price trophy. He's a really good goalie. Really good.
  • He makes saves on the powerplay too while Jake Allen rests at the other end. Ah, powerplays... How I've grown to loathe you.
  • Steve Ott with a late hit to end the second. If I saw him... In a snowstorm, his truck is broken down, mine's running perfectly, would I pick him up? No.

3rd Period

  • Every time I see number 26 in red nowadays I start getting a little excited. 81 too. Eller and Sekac are both invited to my Christmas party. Why wouldn't they want to come to that?
  • Sekac just saved a goal by being in excellent position in his own zone. Gonna keep pumping those tires until he stops giving me a reason to.
  • Carey Price is really good at goalie stuff. Reeeally good.
  • "Weaver wasn't happy that Oshie came a little too hard on Carey Price." -Jason York... Wow. That's verbatim FYI.
  • I wonder if the Blues wish they still had that goalie they traded Lars Eller to get, eh? Instead of that dude he just roofed one on maybe?
  • Gotta pump Sekac's tires a little more on that goal. What a game from him tonight. Just delightful.
  • Pacioretty can't finish the trick, but he didn't need to. He came to party. Party on, Max.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) That, he most certainly did.

2) Bias is fun.

1) Someone might have to explain this to me as well.

Highlights will be added shortly