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Canadiens vs Flames Top Six Minutes: Sunday night is not all right for hockey

Or: Those were 60 minutes I'm never getting back. Or: Carey deserved better. Habs: You owe me an hour of my life.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


  • My first time watching Hometown Hockey, otherwise known as Ron McLean's demotion.
  • It's not bad.
  • Darryl Sutter looks better with his white hair.
  • I hate how men are better with age. No fair, WTF.
  • Wait, Red Deer is known as The Big Smoke? Um, I think that nickname is taken.
  • "Andrei Makrov." I can't.
  • Sportsnet, you've had a month. Come on, man.
  • Everybody's wearing their poppy. I got mine yesterday (I already lost it)
  • The Sutters are an exceptional family. "Be happy with who you are, and what you've got." Amen.

First period

  • Gallagher is always under everybody's skin.
  • Galchenyuk's lip is already bloody?
  • But sure, let's call a penalty on Moen.
  • Weise and Malhotra sure have wheels.
  • Even strength Calgary goal. Got 'em where we want 'em!
  • Bit of a snooze now. Because it's Sunday, and Sunday hockey is wrong.
  • Playing like they care: Weise, Price and Gallagher. The rest need a Red Bull or something.
  • So does the Bell Centre, doing its best church mouse imitation.
  • Therrien might look like he belongs at a speakeasy, but it works. Snappy combo tonight, Michel.
  • Bourque-in-a-box
  • Followed by a Dumb and Dumber To ad. Sorry, the joke is too easy.
  • Shots are 14 to TWO? I'll give you a shot: shoot me.
  • Patch is also trying.
  • If I had four fingers, I'd only need one hand to count the Habs' shots this period.
  • 2-0 Calgary. The boys are going to have brand-new orifices to start the second: bold prediction. Brand. New. Orifices.

Second Period

  • Calgary has a shot in the first 20 seconds. You guys, WTF.
  • Weise still caring. He's going to get one tonight. I mean, if the Habs score at all.
  • I'm knitting, and telling my dogs to buzz off, it's not dinner time yet. Stupid daylight savings.
  • Hey, anything to entertain myself during this game, since the game is not actually entertaining me.
  • Oh look, another Flames power play.
  • Nobody plays the puck like Carey Price, man.
  • Habs trying hard, turns into Flames trying to stop them too hard. Habs' power play? This is weird. Will they do something?
  • Emelin with a penalty for ... what? Diving, maybe? I don't get it. I'm frigging done with this game, but I have a piece to write.
  • Hey - let's make it a five on three!
  • Price is going to have to be a one-man team again, isn't he?
  • The Flames flat out blew those 11 seconds. Thank god. And Price continues to commit grand larceny against them.
  • Patch with a good short-handed chance. Right now it feels like we're never gonna score.
  • Tonight's big, guys, Tampa's gaining on us. Will you please wake up???
  • Early candidate for this instalment's title: 60 minutes I'm never getting back.
  • 3-0 Flames. Can't Bergevin do what I do with my kids: your allowance reflects what you earn. Not just paying you for doing nothing. What in the &*$@# is going on. I seriously have way better things to do.
  • If I had 11 fingers total, I could count on two hands the total shots this game so far.
  • Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. It's the FLAMES. Stop it!

Third period

  • OK, Patch scored. I may have had to race from the kitchen to write this. Weise with the assist!
  • Turning it on in the third period is a very irritating habit.
  • Weaver gets a penalty, also looks like he has a fly on his face. Your TV too?
  • My current biggest worry this evening is that I accidentally added rosemary to my bolognese sauce - I won't tell my kids so you can't either. I DO NOT care about this game anymore.
  • 4-1, Flames. This couldn't be stupider.
  • Do we see Angry Therrien tonight?
  • Nutmeg.
  • That's what I meant to add to the sauce, I still did, that will probably make it better. Trying to fish the rosemary out has been way funner than watching this game.
  • 5-1 Flames. There aren't enough paper bags.
  • Speaking of bags ... bag skate. BAG SKATE.
  • 5-2. Thanks Eller, but I just don't care.
  • The Hometown tour is coming to Burnaby? OK, that's been the best news this game.
  • Therrien is letting his frustration show. Price comes out of the net, Calgary gets the empty-netter.
  • 6-2. That was our winning formation in my high school volleyball team. Can't beat the 6-2.
  • There is no excuse for this game. Or even a reason. This, coupled with the Leafs' win last night, has easily made the centre of the universe's year (otherwise known as Toronto).
  • Chicago Tuesday. I'm ... scared.

Three Stars

3. Our first line is basically whatever line Galchenyuk is on.

Our second best line is Pacioretty-Plekanec on the PK.

2. They just flashed "full strength" on the screen. That’s just a bald faced lie.

Chiefs win the Super Bowl. 
Habs win the Stanley Cup. 
Raptors are marginally relevant in the NBA. 
Then I can die happy.


I make pictures -


Pacioretty scores thanks to some good work by Desharnais in front of the net:

The other goal: