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Canadiens vs Penguins Top Six Minutes: Penguins Magical in Montreal

The Penguins third line of Bennett, Sutter, and Downie head an effort to defeat the Canadiens 4-0.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • First things first, I guess i should introduce myself. My name is Mike Darnay, from PensBurgh, and I am really excited that Andrew, one of my fellow firemen, invited me to come do a guest post here. I love the Penguins and my two pugs. And i unequivocally love Evgeni Malkin.
  • Olli Maatta back in action, just 2 weeks after having a cancerous tumor removed from his neck after being expected to miss 4 weeks. What an incredible young man.
  • How long will the Canadian and American anthems be tonight? 5 minutes? 10? Somewhere in between? Will there be any pre-game festivities tonight? Questions will become answers soon!
  • I do not have these answers! Root Sports did not show me the anthems!

1st Period

  • Thank God for Kris Letang. Pens giving up a breakaway to Alex Galchenyuk 30 seconds into the game is less than ideal.
  • Feels like the game could be VERY back-and-forth with lots of speed for both teams as we've seen in recent years.
  • Sergei Gonchar appreciation moment. I can also appreciate Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher. They're all great.
  • Wow. Beau Bennett with a nasty wrist shot right in the slot to put the Penguins ahead 1-0. Incredible shot.
  • Kris Letang with the pass of a lifetime to feed Steve Downie to make it 2-0. Remarkable stuff from Letang. What is depth scoring?!
  • Jiri Sekac can just fly. His speed is ridiculous. Pens are going to get flat footed if they keep letting him enter the zone with speed.
  • I would like very much for the Penguins to not let Zach Sill match up against Max Pacioretty any more.
  • P.K. Subban is such an amazing skater. I feel like not enough people appreciate watching him play.
  • Really good first 20 minutes for the Penguins, and most certainly Bennett's best period of his NHL career thus far. He was all over the place. The Pens spotting themselves a 2-0 lead with no production from the Crosby or Malkin units is just enormous.

2nd Period

  • Ho hum, the Penguins 3rd line. Early into the 2nd period, Bennett makes a ridiculous pass to Brandon Sutter who puts one in the net off of the bar. 3-0 Penguins.
  • No clue how Spaling and Malkin somehow came up with a 2-on-1. Spaling off the cross-bar, interesting how everyone seems to be shooting high on Carey Price.
  • Still waiting for that vintage Montreal-crowd induced penalty.........
  • Really though, both the Pens and Habs defense have been limiting action through the slot and middle of the ice for one another.
  • There's the penalty! Just kidding, it was a good call haha.
  • For a Canadiens PP unit that has struggled, they have a lot of weapons capable of producing. Gonchar and Subban together on the points seems like it will be a lot of fun to watch.
  • Root Sports just informed me that the Canadiens won 6 Stanley Cup's in the 1970's. Uh, that's pretty good.
  • Sidney Crosby hasn't scored in eight games, what a bum.
  • Canadiens going back to the power play with 3:00 left in the period smells like a Gonchar goal to me. (Nope).
  • WHAT A BUM. Crosby. 4-0. Fantastic.  Kunitz got away with an interference leading up to the goal.
  • I don't expect the Canadiens to score 4 goals, but i'm curious to see how the Penguins do at shutting things down during the 3rd period.

3rd Period

  • Habs can't catch a break. Pens are blocking everything they can.
  • When the Habs are getting clean looks, Fleury has been on his angles and playing pucks pretty clean, keeping any rebounds from winding up in a good shooting spot.
  • Just noticed Blake Comeau for the first time tonight. Playing on Crosby's line tonight, it's hard to look bad. Not being noticeable isn't terrible though.
  • The Canadiens are a much more likable team than they used to be. I don't know what it is. Perhaps I am finally over 2010, Jaroslav Halak, and Mike Cammalleri /cries
  • At this exact moment, I discovered that the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing at home and losing at 7-0 to the Nashville Predators. Chin up, my friends from Quebec.
  • Habs aren't going down without a fight. Fleury playing really well though. Really dialed in.
  • This was a fun game. Penguins played a little sloppy at times through the 3rd period, but a 4-goal lead gives you that luxury.
  • Honestly, did not hear Lars Eller's name until there were 3 minutes left in the game.
  • Sekac is so good. SO good. Jealous of the skilled, young talent at the forward position for the Habs.
  • Road shutout in Montreal. Sweet.

EOTP (Pensburgh) 3 Stars of the Game

3rd Star: Jiri Sekac, he rules

2nd Star: Olli Maatta, for reasons previously stated

1st Star: Beau Bennett, 1G, 2A, great game


Seriously, a big thanks to Andrew and everyone here at EOTP for having me to do this. I had a ton of fun with it. You're all aces in my book.