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Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Montreal Stretches it to Six

Montreal and Dustin Tokarski rock the Red Wing 4-1 in Detroit to win their sixth straight game

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
  • Habs are looking for their sixth straight win. Tough feat given the opponent, this is their 3rd game in four nights and the last half of a back-to-back.
  • Michel Therrien currently has 165 wins. He needs 10 wins to pass Pat Burns on the Montreal Canadiens coaching wins list this season and move into 5th place with 175 wins. Who knew?

1st Period

  • Garry Galley isn't sure if Montreal is good or bad on the road. Midway through the period says that Montreal is great on the road then he brings up their powerplay and says they've been bad on the road. Pick a narrative.
  • As a fan it's easy to have the assumption that Montreal has been horrible on the road given their western swing and the pasting they got in Tampa bay, but they're 5-2-1 on the road good for a .625 win percentage
  • I don't like Garry Galley and never have.
  • Who the heck is going to score first?
  • Another scoreless Montreal first. I hate it.
  • Last night's first period was so exciting - be more like that.
  • This might possibly be the first time this year that the two rosters in a Montreal game have absolutely no overlap in personnel (technically Weaver played for the Jets franchised having been a Thrasher).
  • I can't tell if it's exhaustion or if this game is just sort of... blah?

2nd Period

  • I love that every city in every league has some stupid power play promotion. In Halifax it's the Booster Juice power play and you get all the gross juice you want if the Mooseheads score. Other cities it's pizza or Spatula City sponsors it and you get a spatula every time someone on the Sharks scores a pp goal.
  • Every forward in the Habs lineup aside from Malhotra now has at least one goal.
  • I haven't always been a Prust fan - especially since his return from injury, but he's having a game.
  • Hearing the broadcast team do plugs for shows they've barely heard of let alone watched cracks me and reminds of me Artie Lange's imitation of Jack Buck doing movie of the week plugs during baseball games.
  • Rotating Gonchar out of the lineup every once in a while will be nice to see.
  • Does anyone call him Gonch? Has that ever caught on? And why does he hate Tomas Jurco?
  • Subban? Parenteau? (regardless of who it is - great goal)
  • Subban!
  • Now this is a period I can get behind.
  • PP's not so hot, but the Penalty kill is killing it - four straight power plays and then coming off the PK and into a goal. It's nice to go from a week of hell out West to a (soon-to-be) six game win streak

3rd Period

  • Why do a feel like a fight will break out in the third?
  • Remember when Todd Simpson was a Hab?
  • Plekanec is putting together a pretty nice run of offense. No one is talking about wanting to trade him anymore right?
  • Damn Danny DeKeyser
  • I know that a loosening a mask isn't a penalty or a great reason to call back a goal, but I would have loved to see Tokarski preserve his shutout somehow.
  • Does that goal even matter? Brendan Gallagher just scored a beauty.
  • Does anyone looked more joyous than Gallagher when he scores?
  • Prust and Abdelkader trying to desperately to give me the fight I predicted for the third. I don't want it guys.
  • I don't mind an Ole chant if it happens in a rival noisy building. I mean I kind of hate that chant, but I like it to shut up a noisy opposing barn.
  • Can someone slip one past this empty net? aka Detroit's best goaltending option
  • This is a bit of a gamble for Mike Babcock - could it pay off?
  • Hellllll no.
  • Tokarski has been excellent. Does anyone regret the switch of Tokarski and Budaj?
  • 301st win for Therrien
  • 8 different Habs with points - spread the wealth, that's what I always say.

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