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Canadiens vs Flyers Top Six Minutes: Habs resurrect powerplay to win 5th straight game!

It wasn't easy, but your Montreal Canadiens opened the game with three consecutive powerplay goals on route to a 6-3 win over the Philadelphia Flyers.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • Habs looking for their fifth straight win, which would also give them sole possession of first place in the league. Not bad, eh?
  • Do yourself a favor and  mosey over here to review the Canadiens' official stats history. Let's play "spot the current Habs" on the list.
  • What you find may surprise you. Especially in the goaltending categories.
  • Carey Price is 20 Ws away from passing Bill Durnan for 4th place for most career wins with Montreal.
  • After that? Dryden, Roy and Plante.

1st Period

  • Oh hey, a powerplay! Go-Go-Gadget Gonchar!
  • Pacioretty gets a shot off from the slot and...
  • PARENTEAU!!! 1-0 Habs.
  • Caught up on last week's episode of 24CH before the game. Loved the segment on Parenteau's long road to the NHL. Hard not to respect his story and work ethic.
  • Not unlike Desharnais' journey to the NHL.
  • Speaking of which... DAVEY!!!! 2-0 Habs with a second consecutive powerplay goal.
  • Timeout Philly.
  • Pacioretty and Markov have assists on both PP goals. Gonchar not picking up the points, but he's making Markov and the powerplay better.
  • So what about PK? Well, he'll be fresher for 5-on-5 play, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • It took 18 games, but the Habs might finally hold a lead for the first time heading into the first intermission!
  • Still 10 minute left to play in the period though, so... anti-jinx?
  • How does Gallagher end up with a penalty after Grossman ties up two Canadiens behind his own net?
  • Malholtra shorthanded breakaway... save.
  • I'm so jealous of that fan who just took a selfie with Youppi!
  • Habs take a lead into the first intermission. Finally.
  • Since Sekac took Bourque's spot in the lineup, Habs are 4-0 and have outscored opponents 14-3 (or 16-3 including the first period of this game).

2nd Period

  • The Sabres are up 2-0 against the Maple Leafs heading into the second period, too.
  • This can't be the same Canadiens I've been watching all season on the powerplay. Can't be. Nope. I refuse to...
  • 3-0 Habs thanks to an unbelievable pass from Galchenyuk to set up PK's one-timer.
  • Three powerplays. Three goals. It's okay, you don't have to believe me.
  • Prust fights Rinaldo and hurts his elbow as he falls to the ice.
  • He probably shouldn't have bothered with the fight given the score, but both he and Rinaldo shared some wide grins in the box after the bout. No bad blood here.
  • Alright, who said shutout? 3-1.
  • Well that didn't last long. Plekanec makes it 4-1.
  • Not so fast: goalie interference? Holding penalty? Still 3-1. #BlameGallagher
  • Plekanec joins Gallagher in the box and Flyers have a 5-on-3.
  • Habs kill it off!
  • Montreal might be one of the best teams in the league exiting the penalty box.
  • Plek almost scores after being sprung for a partial breakaway.
  • Schenn scores again. Carey is pissed. 3-2 game. Ruh roh.

3rd Period

  • Gonchar rips an honest shot from the point. Parenteau tips it with a high stick.
  • *Jeopardy music*
  • GOOD GOAL! 4-2 Habs.
  • WHAT WAS THAT!? That dog pile will be featured in highlight reels the rest of the week for all of the wrong reasons. 4-3.
  • To the refs credit, the puck was always free. But you rarely see a scrum of that magnitude go uncalled.
  • I swear to hockey gods in their ice palaces, it's a universal hockey rule that hooking penalties always result in PP goals against the Habs.
  • Of course now the ref blows the play dead with a loose puck in Emery's crease. Gallagher and the Bell Center crowd are not amused.
  • Sekac has had a quiet evening. Ditto Eller. Hard to get going with all the penalties tonight.
  • 5-3 Habs with 6 minutes to play. You can stop holding your breath now.
  • Gonchar now has 800 career points with his second assist of the game.
  • Weise picks up another goal as the puck redirects off of him into the net.
  • 6-3 Habs and it's about as safe as ever to serenade the Flyers with Olé'.
  • Game. Over.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Bergevin's most underrated trade?

2. Pretty much:

1. A visiting Flyers' fan asked an honest question and we couldn't stop laughing. Joke's on us!


A powerplay goal? Against a team that isn't Boston!?

Another powerplay goal? Surely you jest.

Last time Habs scored 3 PP goals was in 2012.

To Rinaldo's credit, Philly started to score after this fight:

Parenteau does it again!

Dutch Gretzky fresh off his Gordie Howe hat-trick:

Game. Set. Match.