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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: Bear hunting season is open

Now that was fun to watch. Beating Boston is great, but dominating them is even better.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • No Tuukka Rask tonight means no Tuukka rage, which is rather unfortunate. Also, it definitely reduces the odds for a Habs win.
1st period
  • Pacioretty's scoring percentage on the breakaway is roughly 0%.
  • Gregory Campbell is no Milan Lucic, I know this because Weise survived his fight.  Good showing by Campbell though, to avenge that he got hit, he went ahead and got one punched. Well done Gregory. You showed him!
  • Tsk, tsk, tsk, Brad Marchand nose better than to take a holding penalty.
  • Montreal has two choices to enter the zone during the powerplay. Either P.K. Subban dekes four players, or hope to god Jiri Sekac gets powerplay time.
  • To be fair, the 'new' (I have a hard time using that word when Gonchar is involved) powerplay looked decent their first time out. Although, if we're being fair, Lyle Odelein would look decent compared to the Habs PP this year.
  • Sergei Gonchar has played 4 minutes in the first 10. Should we inform elder abuse about this?
  • Manny Malhotra is really this team's Cyrano de Bergerac. He helps other lines woo the faceoff win, but never gets the ice time glory afterwards.
  • The Bruins just scored something called a "powerplay goal". Anyone know what that is?
  • My biggest takeaway from that period is that I miss Tuukka Rask.
2nd period
  • Penalty shot for Weise! This is why we watch the games folks...I think.
  • All hail the Dutch Gretzky! I'm just glad we all got to see his last career goal.
  • Not only is Montreal's powerplay terrible, but now it's injuring our best players. Damn it.
  • Galchenyuk is Montreal's powerplay scoring leader with two points. And you thought it couldn't get any worse.
  • Galchenyuk is back. Praise Maurice Richard!
  • Sekac completes controlled zone entries like I completely dust off a box of cookies: often.
  • Fraser's face just laid a beating on Beaulieu's fist. No contest.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, our best center is official Lars Eller. It might change throughout the year, but right now it's by far and away Eller.
  • Montreal didn't score on that last powerplay, but they didn't look like a bunch of drunken carnies trying to find their way home. Progress.
3rd period
  • The Bruins clearly miss Chara, and I don't blame them. I also don't blame whatever scientists created the man. Your monster is a great hockey success, congrats.
  • 20 more years of Alex Galchenyuk. Let that sink in for a bit. Thanks Edmonton & Columbus, you've been very generous.
  • Great play by Desharnais on Pacioretty's second goal. All the Habs lines are clicking tonight, and we're beating the Bruins. All I need is a smoothie machine operated by my very own pet monkey, and I'll be in heaven..
  • No Zdeno Chara on the ice is a beautiful thing. Aesthetically.
  • It also helps for space on the ice, I guess.
  • Damn it, I used to like Simon Gagne. Stop ruining players for me, Boston.
  • Jiri Sekac makes it onto the powerplay, immediately scores. Looks like it was choice #2 to fix the powerplay.
  • Maybe he did learn something from watching the Habs from the press box. "See how the Habs are playing Jiri? Do you? Don't do that."
  • Beating Boston is fun, but making them look silly is even better. And they did it without Lucic's help this time.
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