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Canadiens vs Jets Top Six Minutes: Strong, independent Habs don't need no powerplays

Winnipeg's eight game points streak snaps as the Jets crash back down to Earth.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • Word in Montreal is that the Jets players spent Monday night out and woke up hungover this morning. If Habs win, we can thank the entire Boul. St-Laurent for being gracious hosts.
  • Pre-game Remembrance Day ceremony. Nothing snarky here. It's a somber day, especially considering the events in Ottawa. Bell Centre sounds dead quiet, even before the moment of silence.
  • The crowd is singing "O Canada" in French. (Alone in my house, I'm quietly singing along)

First Period

  • I leave for a glass of water before the whistle goes, and I nearly miss an offside goal by Brendan Gallagher. What a start.
  • So many goaltenders in this league must have nightmares about the phrase "KANE ON BREAKAWAY!"
  • On the replay, I think had Evander Kane made a split second decision to set up Blake Wheeler instead of taking the shot himself, Jets would be 1-0 right now. Still - only milliseconds to decide - can't blame him at all.
  • SUBBAN NO. Two years ago that would have been enough to bench you for the next ten games.
  • The last time Montreal scored on a powerplay , writing hasn't been invented yet and the game was recorded by carving crude stick figures on a cave wall.

Second Period

  • Habs follow up a disappointing powerplay with another powerplay. You know, I once spent an entire bus ride watching a fly trying to escape the bus - it kept mindlessly hitting the closed glass, even though I could see an open window right next to it.
  • The above two events have nothing to do with one another at all, of course. I definitely have no idea why I brought it up.
  • Oh wait, that was actually Lars Eller. Sorry, they look a lot alike.

  • None of the Jets even saw Eller, but then again, neither does Michel Therrien when giving out ice time.
  • I'm convinced that Scheifele's name changes everytime someone pronounces it, like a huge gobstopper candy that changes colours every time you spit it out.
  • Price's been standing on his head so much his helmet came off.
  • The last time Montreal scored on a powerplay, bards set their deeds to the tune of a jaunty harp and sang it for silver coins at the local tavern.

Third Period

  • Let's all take a moment to appreciate Carey Price. He's just...such a good goaltender.
  • Galchenyuk scores!
  • I'm watching Winnipeg's home feed, and the Jet's fan passcode is "icing" - not sure what that's for, but very prophetic.
  • Winnipeg is outhitting Montreal 35-12, but shots are just about even at 27-26. Possession metrics says being outhit means you have the puck more than your opponent, but from the eyetest Habs look like they're just getting hit.
  • I'm cheering for the Habs, but I screamed in frustration when Kane missed that open net. This could have been a Jets blowout if it wasn't for Price and his magic goalposts. I feel you, Winnipeg bros, I feel you.
  • Plekanec doesn't miss his open net. Scores.
  • Game ends, Habs win 3-0
  • ...the last time Montreal scored on a powerplay, someone posted on Myspace about it.

EOTP Three Stars of the Night

1. Brilliant


2. Bourque-ness is contagious


3. I'm stealing this trick