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Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Doesn't matter, had Pleks

HOCKEY IS BACK! Tomas Plekanec & PK Subban were ready.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
  • The introduction ceremony at the ACC had the production value of a bad youtube highlight video. Brutal.
  • The Leafs are off to a hot start. Hmmm...I swear we've heard that before. I bet it'll last, this time.
  • Some things never change; Pacioretty scores goals, Phaneuf allows players to walk in freely to his net.
  • Kozun just scored for the Leafs, but he wears #67, so I'll allow it.
  • God damn it, they gave it to Kadri. Way to spoil all the low-hanging fruit, Toronto.
  • So far PA Parenteau's passes are softer than Dion Phaneuf's defending.
  • Conspiracy theory: Someone kidnapped David Desharnais' dog, and threatened to kill it unless Desharnais avoids taking high quality shots when he's alone in the slot.
  • I'm fairly certain the new Leafs goal song is the same song that was used in every single commercial that was made last year. You can't get much more generic than that. Then again, the Habs goal song isn't anything to write home about either.
  • With Murray and Bouillon gone, Rene Bourque is going to get eaten alive by fans this year.
  • Alright, Tomas Plekanec just scored a beauty, but more importantly at the time that I wrote this Alexei Emelin is leading the NHL in scoring. That means he's going to win the Norris trophy, right?
  • Dion Phaneuf just blocked a Subban slap shot. That brave man. That brave, stupid, man.
  • The change of pace between Nathan Beaulieu and Douglas Murray is mind blowing. It's like going from riding a pregnant yak, to boarding a brand new private jet.
  • Michael Bournival is going to take Rene Bourque's job real soon, hell, he might suit up for the third period.
  • Pacioretty and Plekanec form a ridiculous penalty-killing duo. Keeping the puck 180 feet away from your net is always a smart strategy.
  • The Sportsnet panel in the second intermission was composed of Doug MacLean and Nick Kypreos. I didn't think it would be possible to miss the old HNIC panel, but here we are.
  • The Habs aren't losing most of the face-offs, this is crazy. Welcome to Montreal Manny Malhotra!
  • PK Subban should have held out for $12M. I would have given it to him, and probably thrown in the keys to Guy Lafleur's company condo.
  • We have had goals from three of the four alternate captains so far. Your move, General.
  • Toronto's crowd is terrible, I've seen better atmospheres at a funeral. They're not Ottawa bad, but they're pretty damn quiet.
  • Tomas Plekanec, we are not worthy. You magnificent son of a bitch, I love you.
  • Tomorrow is officially 'wear a turtleneck' day. If you don't wear one, Plekanec will know.
  • Habs win, Leafs lose, the 2014-15 season is off to a perfect start.

EOTP Three Stars

3. JD__ likes to be accurate.


2.  Douglas Murray's inertia is still funny: 


1. Okay, maybe he didn't get this exactly right, but he called the goal, and that's good enough for me. 


Pacioretty doing what Pacioretty does:

Kadri ties it up:

Bozak gives the Leafs the lead:

Doesn't matter, had Pleks:

Subban is worth every penny:

Plekanec gets his second: