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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: "Price had no chance on that one" edition

After an infuriating display by the goon Senators last night, tonight was the Habs' chance to humiliate Ottawa in true Canadiens fashion, and, well ...

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • OK, listen: it's just the preseason. These games mean nothing. Except the crap that Ottawa pulled last night deserved some sort of payback.
  • Full disclosure: Andrew literally reminded me three minutes ago I was on this tonight, which I signed up for like six weeks ago, and of course completely forgot about.
  • The Habs lost. And it doesn't matter.
  • That part doesn't matter, but the way the game shook out tonight kind of matters.
  • I watched about half of it, and listened to the other half from the kitchen while making dinner, but I can tell you this: on the middle two goals of the 4-2 loss to the piece-of-crap, bad-at-hockey Senators, I heard: "Price had no chance on that one."
  • Carey Price is going to be all over Sportscentre tonight, anyway. What a sight to behold. The real season is going to be FUN.
  • There was a scrap in the first between Brandon Prust and the same thug who went after P.K. Subban last night, which was all right. But Prust had his work cut out for him, and I kind of hope whatshisname doesn't actually make the NHL but these ARE the Senators and thuggery is their name now, apparently.
  • Jarred Tinordi has looked shaky, and I expected him to show up in the pugilism department tonight if only to give Habs' brass something fresh to think about while they make a decision on him.
  • Is anybody blaming Emelin on that third goal? That was kind of crappy luck. "Price had no chance."
  • OH MY GOOD GOD that setup by Subban to Andrei Markov. It IS only preseason but good lord. That one was a stand up and cheer in your living room kind of goal. Marky looked pretty happy too which almost never happens.
  • So now, we wait for a couple of days to hear what cuts go down, who makes the roster. Jiri Sekac was great. Tinordi wasn't bad - and I think Francis Bouillon is now on the outs. Whatever happens I hope it happens soon because the Bouillon speculation is too much for me (feel free to comment below).
  • So we lost to Ottawa twice in two nights, who cares. Now Messrs. (call me Marc) Bergevin and Therrien get to go have fun and cross faces off photos like in the first round of American Idol, or at least, that's how I picture them doing it. "He's really sweet, but I don't think he'll handle the big spotlight and be consistent." See? Now you're picturing it, too.
  • The rice is done, BRB
  • Sorry we lost after leading for most of it. Sorry this sucked. But hey, it's Saturday! And it didn't count. Matter of fact, last night and tonight were probably Ottawa's Stanley Cup right there.
  • Ha ha ha ha HA.
  • (I'm really sorry)