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Canadiens vs Canucks Top Six Minutes: Seems About Right

The Canadiens need to get the heck out of Western Canada right now, luckily they get to.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

As of 9:49 PM Eastern time Lars Eller may or may not be playing. We'll find out in 11-17 minutes.

  • Scratched for the Habs: Talent
  • This happened at a Canucks/Habs game that happened a little while ago:

First Period

  • The starting forward line, according to the Habs, is Gallagher (Played in Vancouver for his Jr. career)-Malhotra (graciously left Vancouver)-Weise (Ungraciously left Vancouver).
  • The anthem singer is an out of shape Viggo Mortensen.
  • Alex Galchenyuk makes me express emotion audibly at least once a game.
  • Confirmed by my eyes: Lars Eller is in
  • Price calmly catches the puck, Derek Dorsett tries to get to him but Tinordi is just like "no"
  • The Habs PP is so reliant on the perfect play.
  • You think it's Lucas Bisa and he just never corrected the typo?
  • I legit thought P.K. was going to get called for that spinorama
  • Canucks fans must feel like absolute trash with their building overflowing with Go Habs Go chants.
  • Do all of you count Corsis in your head when Corsis happen even if the shot doesn't hit the net? I do
  • Commercials should be optional
  • Has Ryan Miller worn a jersey that isn't blue? Buffalo, St. Louis, Vancouver, Team USA.
  • Why isn't Yannick Weber being in this game a bigger story?
  • I did the research. Miller played for blue Rochester Americans in the AHL too. Last time he wore a non-blue jersey was in college when he played for Michigan State.
  • Alex Burrows became so irrelevant so quickly.
  • First period ends with Carey Price putting on a show again. He's coming to a city near you folks!

First Intermission

  • I saw the EOTP commentunity have fun with Halloween names. Here are my spooky Halloween Habs: Doug Murray and Francis Bouillon on the ice at the same tiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiiiime. It's scary because it's true.

Second Period

  • The Habs are now going left
  • If Bourque dangerously shoved someone into the boards and then said that he didn't know where he was on the ice I would believe him.
  • Fans are chanting Ole at Rogers Arena. I never got the beef with that chant. Chant away.
  • Price lets one hit the post for fun.
  • Eller is babysitting Bourque.
  • Alexei Emelin with quite possibly the worst outlet pass I've ever seen and I watched Doug Murray play defense for a full year.
  • Wow, a really, really ratty hit by Burrows. That's why Emelin didn't get back.
  • The only way Burrows can stay relevant is by headhunting, it seems.
  • Still waiting on that Burrows make up call
  • This Habs team just can't score goals right now.
  • Lars Eller is everywhere.
  • The Habs have played pretty well at home. Not sure why they're firing blanks tonight.

Second Intermission

  • My wife wants to borrow my laptop

Third Period

  • The talent on Sportsnet has a massive gap in it. Strombo, Marek, Friedman, other good people ... a chasm ... then crap.
  • Yep, another weird Habs comeback is coming.
  • Emelin is back in the lineup which definitely isn't a bad call.
  • Burrows missing a wide open net is pretty perfect.
  • And Price lets one in that he never lets in.
  • Richardson should bronze that puck.
  • Nothin' doin'
  • I think Bourque needs to practice with a peewee team to learn the basics again. Looks like he makes the wrong decision every time. The effort is there though.
  • 10 minutes left. Get wacky.
  • Galchenyuk wants to get wacky!
  • And the Habs take their only penalty of the game down by one with five minutes left.
  • I have hope
  • The game got wacky!
  • Another point in the bank.

Dry Scrape

  • I'd watch it if it was JUST Marek, Sportsnet.


  • So they're just going to play for the shootout right?
  • Tom Gilbert with the strong pick
  • They can't not score right?
  • Tom Gilbert isn't happy but about 10 Canucks fans are.