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It's time to either play Jiri Sekac, or send him to the AHL

There's no sense in keeping Sekac in the press box forever.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Jiri Sekac was signed this summer from the KHL, GM Marc Bergevin stated he'd have to earn his way onto the team, meaning that there was no guarantee he'd find himself on the Habs' roster when the season started.

When the main training camp came to its conclusion, Jiri Sekac had indeed earned his way onto the main roster, mostly due to very promising play during the preseason. However the question remained, where would he fit on the roster?

There was little to no chance that he'd find himself alongside Max Pacioretty, given that Pacioretty's partnership with David Desharnais and Brendan Gallagher seems iron-clad.

Sekac would be wasted on the fourth line, given that his talents revolve mostly around puck possession and creativity, rather than grinding.

That leaves him with the possibility of playing on two lines, either beside Lars Eller, or Tomas Plekanec.

Currently, Montreal's best offensive line is composed of Alex Galchenyuk - Tomas Plekanec - PA Parenteau, and it would be silly to break them up.

Sekac's line possibilities are quickly evaporating, however there's one spot that would definitely suit, and that's on the third line beside Lars Eller. As we all know, Lars Eller has taken over a fair amount of Plekanec's responsibilities this season, including a plethora of defensive zone starts, and the lack of anything resembling decent wingers.

Despite his offensive flair, Sekac has demonstrated in his short NHL experience that he's able to handle tough zone starts, whilst keeping the puck away from his own net. This is exactly what's asked of Eller, and it only seems logical that he'd be given a decent player to help him accomplish his impossibly tough role.

There's no other way of saying it, Rene Bourque is a huge drag on his linemates, and has been ever since he joined the Canadiens. Dale Weise, albeit a hard worker, definitely doesn't possess the skills to play in a top-nine role; he's a great fourth liner, but that's about it.

It's time to re-insert Jiri Sekac into the lineup, and play him alongside Lars Eller, especially if the coach hopes to see any kind of offensive production from his Danish centre.

If not, send the man to Hamilton so that he can absorb heavy minutes. Either way, the third line isn't improving while Jiri Sekac is busy eating hot dogs in the press box, and neither is Sekac, nor will his incredibly unlucky PDO rating of 903, which happens to be a team low.

There's a clear problem, and what seems to be a clear in-house solution available.  I can't help but think that Jiri Sekac's offensive prowess would have come in handy in the last few games. Hopefully the coach gives Sekac a real chance to prove himself, and in turn a chance to let him help the team win. As it stands, those he could potentially replace aren't doing so.