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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: Another Ottawa circus

Before the last ten minutes of the game began, the working summary had been: "this is the most middle-of-the-road hockey game ever played". Nope.



  • The RDS intro really makes everyone look like chocolate Easter bunnies, why isn't anyone else all over this?
  • I'm not gonna say RDS has a Habs bias, but this is what the camera chose to zoom in on during the first ever "Number 65...CAPTAIN ERIK KARLSSON" announcement.

number65 erik karlsson

Therrien boredly folding a sheet of paper makes it.

First Period

  • Official Erik Karlsson Stat Count -  Dramatic Zooms On the "C": 1
  • P.K. Subban decides it wasn't fair for a young and struggling team like the Sens to start first period at a disadvantage, and magnanimously takes a tripping penalty to even the playing field. Yeah, that's it.
  • The Canadian Tire Centre has a beautiful and non-tacky penalty box decorated with "bulk barn" ads, which P.K. enjoys so much that he decides to return.
  • Sens goal, alright alright alright.
  • Max Pacioretty charges down the ice in his second breakaway of the night, gets hooked, then pulls a Chris Kreider and crashes into Robin Lehner.
  • No penalty shot on that clear hooking...? okay...?
  • I'm liking Nathan Beaulieu on this powerplay - look at how he's skating.He's just so calm with the puck.
  • I love watching hockey players getting into a pile to find the puck. The refs blow it dead, everyone slowly stands up, and Brendan Gallagher unfurls from the centre like a flower delicately blooming from a dunghill.

Second Period

  • It's been 6 minutes of ice-time and I just realised I haven't typed anything. It's a solid, game of hockey between two equally matched teams. Score is still 1-0. I need a cup of coffee.
  • Today I learned that "Dietz" is pronouned "Deets", not "Dee-ETz", which was how I said it in my head.
  • GALCHENYUK GOAL. What a slick move.
  • Galchenyuk just got a near miss, #27's on fire tonight.
  • Galchenyuk just made another sweet play but didn't score. Guy's pretty much the only bright spot in tonight's game.
  • First time I noticed Bobby "Seven Million" Ryan all game, and it's because he gave Galchenyuk a shove during a scuffle.
  • RDS guys mentioned that Sens have 2 shots total in the second period. It's not just my diminishing attention span (I blame modern technology) - this game is objectively dull.
  • Pacioretty's third breakaway and goal. [Kelly Clarkson circa 2004 voice] Make a wish, take a chance/ Make a change, and breeeeeeeakaway.

Third Period

  • Tomas Plekanec vs. the Sens.

oct 3 - plekanec

  • Sens rallying back with a vengeance. Mike Hoffman forces a puck past Peter Budaj through sheer force of will.
  • Parenteau scores. Erik Karlsson got called for obstruction and Habs gets one on PP. Two things: 1) Sens were so worried about Subban's possible slapshot that it was absurdly easy to fake out Lehner. 2) Sad Erik Karlsson skating back to the bench.
  • So the gods giveth, so they taketh away. Sens score while Subban and Chucky are in the box.
  • P.K. Subban heard my sardonic typing from 100km away and spiced things up by fighting. Oh good, what this game definitely needs is more special teams time.
  • The good ol' Ottawa chant - "GO S-HABS-ENS GO"
  • Rene "Clutch McClutcherson" Bourque rings the post. So we agree that his hockey powers are only activated in the period before October and after April, yes?
  • To Chris Neil, this is a pre-season game. The rules are all made up and and the points don't matter. Stop it.


  • Galchenyuk might be hurt - hit the boards the wrong way, and then a Sens player fell awkwardly on top of him.
  • Everything I've typed is coming back to haunt me. Overtime is intense and nail-biting, Alex Galchenyuk just got hurt, and Bobby Ryan scores the OT winner.
  • Damn it.

EOTP 3 Stars of the Night

1. Let's just bring this back

oct3 - three stars-3

2. oct3 - three stars

3. I want to hear more of this

oct3 - three stars-2


Galchenyuk's magic hands

Pacioretty's third breakaway of the game

Parenteau puts the Habs up